String Length

I have been using regular poly yoyoexpert string forever, and I’ve grown alot since I started throwing, now that I’m 6’3" I need a longer length string because YYE string is just to short, what string do you recommend?

I hear Kitty String is  a bit longer. Many of the “higher end strings” are not pre-tied with a knot/loop to make your slipknot so you can get your string a bit longer. I think YYE string is around 45 inches or so, while Kitty string is around 50? I’m 5’6" and the default length for YYE 100% poly is sufficient for me. It is technically a little long but I like it that way.

Otherwise, you mind consider this:

It’s designed for Jensen Kimmitt’s Tourniquet style of play, but you can certainly cut it down to size. At 72 inches, it’s a full 6 feet long. That may be over-kill. It will guarantee it to be more than long enough for you.

I use Gstring and string lab type x. They are both longer then YYE regular poly which I like and I find they last longer as well.

I’m 6’2’’ and a std 41-42 inch string suits me just fine but ymmv.

I have a question that has to do with string just not its length. I need some new string for my echo and dm2 and was wondering which king to get.

I prefer YYE 100% poly, that’s what I’d get. I have some Kitty string to try, but first I’m testing some string. My problem is this guy’s string lasts way too long, so it’s hard to get to the next string. I want t wear it out first. It’s still holding up nice.

It is all about preference. At some point, buy small numbers of a bunch of different string types and see what does it for you. But right now, I have a 100-count of neon green I’m working through, a neon orange, yellow and green I haven’t touched, a Slick6 white, YYE 100% poly white barely used(doesn’t hold tension worth a crap) and a 100-count of blue/black 100% cotton. I got plenty to go through