What is Good Yo-Yo String For Tall People?

This question has sprung up in my mind due to seemingly endless shortages of Kitty String Fat Polyester in Neon Yellow. That string has been my go-to string for years now. I’ve always bought it in the 100 pack and just got a new one every time it ran out. I’ve been checking the shop here on YYE for months and haven’t seen any sign of it, and I’m getting low. So low in fact that I picked up a tube of YYSL Venom, and a Tube of YYSL Ammo to try out and tide me over. I love the strings. I definitely get more longevity out of them than the Kitty Fat, but I miss the length! I’m 6’ 5" and I love the full-length Kitty String. Is there anything else that compares? Should I just go Kitty XL? What are your thoughts and what do you use?

I’m totally willing to move away from Kitty String if there are other great and long options out there. Let me know what you think!


I’m wondering if YYSL does longer versions of their string? I’d try contacting them.


Thanks for the idea! I didn’t realize they had their own website with bulk string ordering capabilities until just now. I’ve only browsed their stuff here on YYE before, and only being able to get 10 packs was another factor of the string that slightly disappointed me. There’s nothing like the convenience of having a 100-pack on hand for me.

I’m 6’2" and have found the YYE and Spintastics bulk string to be plenty long for my needs. The ones I have are 42" long. I’ve had them for a couple of years.


Most string is around 47" but not all are listed on their length.

Haven’t tried this, but it’s 53"

Again, no actual length, but I assume they’re longer…

finally, the king of long string…

Markmont has 54" / 58" / 65" string options.


If you’re looking for extra long strings, these are the ones the you can find in US.

Poly: kitty tall, markmonts, monkey finger vines, new topyo strings (1.5m)

Nylon: badwolfeco


Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll definitely be doing some further research into this over the next couple of days! There are some nice options out there I wasn’t aware of.

YoYoExpert 100% cotton runs 58” I’m not sure if YYE has a long poly string - I use to pick-up YoCali which ran around 48-49” which seemed to run a little longer (haven’t found any Yo Cali string online for some time). I gave actor Quinton Aaron 6’8 a yo-yo a few years back it took awhile to find a long string. Good luck.


We got some alphaline and they are 51.5”

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Just contact Matt and tell him you have a side job giving Mohawk haircuts to Giraffes.

And you would like to order a ‘quantity’ of ‘way longer than normal string.

Tell him what you are using now…. What yo-yos/response pads/etc. you use most.

And the primary types of trick you mainly focus on: slacks, lacerations, stalls, responsive, etc.

He might have some good suggestions.

The guy is basically a String Professor and has compared notes with countless people in his personal quest offer High Quality string to all that seek performance.

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Twisted stringz are the longest strings I have used they are 60” I actually really like them but they do seem to wear out kind of quick.

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Try Kitty First Class? I actually prefer it to Alphaline now, which was a huge step up over standard kitty


Adding to the Alphaline recommendations I am 6’1” and tie knot at the classic belly button length - with Alphaline there’s at least 5-6” left over I have to trim off so that should be good for you.

Added bonus is it’s my favorite bulk string by far!


I am 2 meters. Alphaline also my fav.

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Thanks so much, everyone. I think I’ll be buying a few more ten-packs worth of string to try these options out before committing to my next 100-pack. I’ll follow up here with my thoughts.

@yoyodoc just to confirm, Matt is the owner of YYSL? I did reach out to them, I hope to hear back. Thanks so much for the input. Matt seems like a great guy!

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Thanks for the recommending YYSL, I really appreciate it. When I moved my “lab” from a room in my house out to a purpose built “lab” I built it longer specifically to make longer string that people were requesting. Even after adding the extra length, I occasionally get requests for longer string, given taller players and longer play styles. I’m at the limit of that setup at the moment.


Thanks for the reply, Matt (both here and over email). I appreciate it! You definitely make some great strings!

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So I got a few different types of string that was recommended, and I’m testing them out. Here’s a look at what my desk looks like, 5 YoYos with 5 different strings that I can easily grab when I take a break from working.

Left to Right

YYF Super Star w/ Markmont Formula String 65 - Yellow
CLYW Manatee w/ 100% Polyester YoYoExpoert String Orange
CLYW Bonfire w/ YoYo String Lab Type X String - Blue
CLYW Wooly Marmot w/ Sochi String Alphaline - Highlighter
CLYW x OneDrop Summit w/ YoYo String Lab Venom - YYE Edition

Super early thoughts. None of these are quite as long as the Kitty Fat I’ve been accustomed too. Alphaline and Markmont strings are close, which I like.

The YoYo Expert String is a lot shorter than I would have expected. It also seems exceptionally coarse. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten string burn doing Eli Hops, but it happened with the YYE string for sure. As much as I love YoYo Expert, their string is not much of a consideration for me.

I really enjoy all the YoYo String Lab stuff that I’ve tried. So much so that I’m almost just tempted to become accustomed to the shorter length. But that remains to be decided as I continue to play with these stings more in the coming days.

Thanks again for all the suggestions!