Does anyone think Yysl & Monkeyfinger should start making longer string?

I really like ape hangers & the Yysl string. I think they play better than kitty & last longer. But they are at least a little too short for me even at full length. I think they should lengthen it by at least a few inches if not more.

One of my all time favorite strings is that same way. I play my strings kind of middle length, but I always like the option to play long strings if I want.

Maybe you could contact them and ask for a batch of longer strings. Monkeyfinger strings are just the right length for me though.

People use excessively long string these days :smiley:

I guess I can’t talk because I use excessively short string, I cut YYSL about 6 inches. I’m 5’6 and go belly button length, which should be and was the average length way back, but I guess I’m a shorter guy either way.

Needless to say I prefer to play with the yoyo than the string ::slight_smile:

I’m about 6’ and I like bellybutton length.

From what I can recall, YYSL Type X is a bit longer than Kitty, Venom is about the same as Kitty, and Ammo is a bit shorter. I can double check venom when I get home today, but I can see where you’re coming from if you’ve only tried Ammo; I too wish Ammo were at least Kitty length.

I a 6’5" and use he belly button rule for my strings. I only use Monkeyfinger string and end up cutting a bit off.

I’ll let Ray know and see what he thinks. I think having some longer mfd strings could be good :slight_smile:

Hey guys Iove the input and yes we can make them longer currently I think they are around 50 inches I’d have to check when I get to the Franken lab. In the mean time if you order a bulk batch I can make them any length you like at no extra charge I’m making them anyway thanks gang!!!


Just something about string length. How long is Buddha poly? Same length as kitty?

Awesome of you to reply so quickly. I’m surprised those wanting longer strings aren’t responding with praise and gratitude.

Oh well, even though current string is long enough for me, thanks!

That’s awesome! Actually thinking about your stings being one of the next strings I try out! We shall see! :wink:

I do notice that play styles have trended to use of longer strings. In the past the “Lab” space has limited the length of YYSL strings. Hmmmm…

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Maybe make some new batches of Ammo, Venom & Type X. But increase the length by 10 inches & call them extra longs.

I think he meant he doesn’t have much space to make longer string

I just opened a type X, venom, & kitty string. Kitty string was the shortest by about an inch.

Making an extra long string labs similar to the Kitty Tall isn’t a bad idea if it’s possible, but I wouldn’t bother lengthening the standard string. If it ain’t broke…