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Question about the length of string available on the YYE shop. I like using long string as it helps me learn new tricks by giving me more space. Now, I know the extra long string is available, but how long is the 100% polyester generic YYE string (100 pack)?

The last string I every bought was YYN high-lights so are they the same length?

Also curious about the Blueprint, Normal Kitty String and Candy Wire

Yes flowable should work in all of those yoyos.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I forgot to mention a YYF starlite, that should work too right?

Yes. Flowable should work in most modern yoyos with a deep enough recess.

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I know Kitty string is long enough for a 6ft tall yoyoer I know, lol is that long enough for you? Also YYSL Ammo is hecka long.

I agree with the kitty length. I’m 6ft 2. One of the reasons i bought it, actually. I dont really mind short strings though. I actually prefer them sometimes.

I’m not 6ft but will definitely consider the kitty string. I generally use longer string for learning new stuff

What about the generic YYE string? Any idea how that compares to YYN highlights?

Longer strings will actually HINDER learning new tricks in some cases. Not saying you shouldn’t use it, but don’t use it as a learning aid. The best length of string is the one that feels best to you. :wink: Learn with that length.

True enough, I find with some specific strings (high lights), I can never fit the yoyo through a specific opening or land on a string because it’s too short

So I guess that takes me back to my first question…YYE generic string vs YYN high lights

Kitty string dosnt come pre tied so you can adjust to your wanted length.

Well yye poly comes pre tied but you can just cut it to how long you want.

YYE poly comes pre-tied at a fairly short length, though.

Thats why i got the extra long pack haha

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Would anyone happen to know the exact length of the YYE poly?

YYE poly rolls in at 46’’ untied
Twisted Luminous is 46’’ tied, so probably about 47’’ untied
And toxic string is 54’’ untied. I recently got it, and love the length and string! Does anyone know of a glow string that comes longer?

Hope this helps!

Noooo nooooo long string. Don’t do it. Thinking you need long string because of your height makes no sense. The yoyo doesn’t know how tall you are, it’s not going to play differently just because you’re taller, and it’s certainly not going to be easier for you. I guess i understand wanting long string if you’re learning some tech trick and need the extra, but for every other application i’d argue a shorter string is faster, easier to control, easier for whips and lacerations, and looks better.

Look how short this string is:

Not saying you need to go that short, and i’m sure your playstyle is different anyway, but for people who have only tried pre-tied string you should shorten it up and see how it feels. Nothing’s worse than watching a new player with long string have to flail their arms and entire body around trying to maneuver it into the positions they want, just looks really awkward imo.

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Agree eleventy-thousand percent. Long string is for the birds, unless you’re 99% in “string segments around all of the fingers!” tech-land.

I see why shorter string would be better for speed play, that completely makes sense. But what if we’re going for flow, illusion, or manipulation play? That’s what I’m striving for and I see long string as far more helpful for that.

I also know that I personally picked up the longer toxic string and loved the length so much more instantly. It felt so much freer and easier. Perhaps I’ll shorten my string up as I get better, who knows, but right now I know I like the longer string length more.

What are illusion and manipulation play? I don’t think I’ve run into those terms yet!

For flow, longer doesn’t equal slower and more relaxed necessarily. Certainly pivoting tricks end up slower with a longer string, but not all tricks are “flowier” as a result of the extra length. You can do a nice gentle whip just as easily with a short string. In some cases, even easier because the slack has less overall mass to it. When you have a big ol’ slack, it takes more energy to keep it in motion.