Yoyo String????

I am a tall guy. Is there a specific yo string that you can buy that comes long?

Sick string comes 52’’ and is great stuff. PM jamesofyoyo

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PM Jeromy… AMAZING string… I love Perfect Fit, and so does General Yo yoyos… It is very great and comes so long that if you use it uncut at full length, Its too long to get a decent throw.

there my review on it

Email YYE and ask if you can request a longer string during your order.

Paolo’s Element String and Born2Yoyo’s SnakeSkin String both come really long, and are great strings.

You should just be able top ask anyone who makes string to make you a little bit longer batch.

I wouldnt see it as that mch of a hassle I guess

yoyo nation 100% poly exralong

This is the Sick String topic, incase you wanted to know, osullivan :slight_smile:

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