Best strings to buy in 100 pack (Bulk)

So with the holidays coming up, I want some string that I can order. I don’t want any really expensive string, I just want something I can get in a 100 pack for less than $20. I already have regular kitty and fat kitty, so I don’t really want any more of that. So what would you guys say is the best choice?

Also, Happy Turkeyday everyone! :smiley:

Currently, I would say Werrd Blueprints. But keep in mind that they’re pre-tied and not super-long. That’s fine for me, but some people like hecka-long string.

I was looking at getting those. They have a prettied knot? This is new I me and is very helpful to know

Yeah, it’s more or less the same length as pre-tied YYE poly.

Yellow Kitty String 1.5!!! It is so amazing. The ONLY thing that I don’t like about it is its lifespan. Only lasts a couple days max. Everything else is great about it though!

Sadly, YYE is out of stock on the yellow, but not on the white…which stinks because I am running out, and I really don’t like white string. I emailed YYE about when they would restock it, and they said that it would be at least 2-3 weeks.

is that fatter or thinner than fat kitty? It comes in nylon and poly right?

If you want to tie your own knot, then Kitty.

If you are cool with YYE’s pre-tied length(it work fine for me), then YYE 100% poly.

It’s thinner than fat kitty and it’s a poly/nylon blend.

I recommend getting Werrd blueprints :slight_smile:

Blueprints look like a good choice, thanks