Good strings to buy?

So I’ve always just bought some general 100% poly strings that I don’t even know the name of. I’m getting low on strings again and wanna buy em online. Any ideas for some strings that are good for slacks/whips but at the same time, I can buy in packs of 100 and aren’t too expensive?

YYSL Type X comes in 100 packs for $40. If you can spend a bit more YYSL Ammo is $50, which is my personal favorite string.

If you want something cheap Fat Kitty is $20 for a 100 pack

BluePrint strings, Kitty Fat.

Neon Yellow BTW. ALWAYS get neon yellow. Nothing compares in my opinion.

Kitty is always cheap and has good quality. I’m using the YYE poly strings and they are great and good for the price. If you want a higher quality string go with YYSL Ammo they’re great.

Honestly, If visibility is the factor, neon pink or orange woul be more visible.
I would say blueprints or another string which shall not be mentioned which is better than blueprint and kitty IMO.

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Asking for advice is good, but you will ultimately have to try them yourself.

You should buy some of the sample packs that some of the string manufacturers sell.
The sample packs are cheap, and you can sample many types of string that way.

Just sayin… :wink:

I’ll ask this here instead of starting another thread. I recently got an ac2 and after playing with it for a while I realized that I loved the string that came with it. so I looked into it and found the slack line strings and I figured it was one of those. so I then began researching the slack line strings and found an old thread from may, in this thread someone was discussing the string that came with their ac2. many people though it was a slack line but others chimed in and said all the clyw’s coming out at that time were being shipped with fat kitties. the consensus seemed to be that the clyw’s coming out at that time did indeed ship with fat kitties. I have a box of fat kitties and the string on my ac2 seems nothing like one… so all I’m asking is, is this indeed a slack line string?

and while I really like this string, have others found the price justifiable over time?

Whoops didn’t mean to press the thank you lol. They kind of are brighter, but they don’t hold their neon-ness as long as the yellow in my opinion.


The AC2 comes with Kitty String, not slack line.

that’s so odd. I have normal kitty, fat kitty and xl kitty strings to compare it too and this string that came with my ac2 doesn’t seem like any of them. the diameter matches a normal but it’s winding looks tighter and it’s so much smoother than a kitty.