Thicker string for yoyos with large gaps?

I’ve only been yoyoing for a little over a year now, but I’ve noticed that on a couple of my yoyos (supernova, chief, etc.) certain “risky” or “trick” binds just don’t seem to work. After some trial and error I can get them but they just aren’t consistent like they would be on other throws in my collection.

I haven’t tried that many strings. I’ve tried bulk YYE poly, a few different YoyoStringLab types, Expert Strings, Kitty Strings, and OD Basics. I haven’t been “impressed” by any of the higher end strings that I’ve tried, and I’ve stuck with OD basics ever since. The stock length is perfect for me, they break in quickly, and they have a nice soft feel to them. For the most part though, I’ve always been one of those people that thinks string is string. It just works.

With that being said, I’ve always thought of OD Basics as a “thin” string. Am I wrong here? Perhaps I could use a thicker string for some of my throws that seem a little “slippy”. Do you guys have any recommendations for a thicker string? I like soft string that gives nice whips and slacks, and I’m looking to buy some “high end” string with a long life span. I’ve taken up an interest in Ammo and Toxic Dragons, but I don’t know if they fit what I’m looking for. Any feedback is much appreciated.

I don’t really know about the higher end string, but fat kitty really helps with binds. I’ve found that also on the supernova, binds slip easily. Fat kitty helps on slippy yoyos, but on more responsive ones, it snags more (for me)

Yup, I have some setups that just won’t permit particular trick binds. In some cases I just live with it (and try to remember not to try that bind!) but in other cases I throw in a thicker or more easily-gripped string (the texture of some strings facilitate tight binds regardless of thickness).

Come to think of it, about half of my setups will only allow laceration binds (or whatever they’re called) if I’m willing to get snaggled.

You could try doubling the string on the bearing.

wouldn’t that create more friction? for easier bind and less string use it’s good…but it’s aweful for string tricks…only 2A users should do this (if the need appears)

IMO doubling was a good idea for 1A/… until the yoyo came back at “me”(aka->face) while trying a trick right after

TotalArtist seems to do it on all his yoyos and seems to work fine fore him

She does?

Yea I noticed that in every photo she takes of a yoyos gap.

again, it all comes down to player preference i presume, so will like it, some will hate it. i learned to hate it…the hard way.

doubling also means losing spin time and losing even more spin time with more complex string tricks… this is why the overwhelming majority of 1a player don’t double

I wouldn’t double up. That is a recipe for a yo-yo to the face due to accidental binds.

You have the correct idea with a thicker string for some of your yo-yos. I have run into this on occasion, most recently with the Slithering Hippo Aa7. My normal string I use during reviews is a thin variant of Toxic’s Snake format and it was too thin for the gap, causing slipped binds. I moved to a Toxic GR3AT WHITE format which is a thicker string and it was fine. I also tried a thick Metz format string which is even thicker than the GW and had perfect binds.

I have recommended this before, most string companies have a “Sample Pack” that has one of each of their formats in it. I would recommend picking up a couple form various companies and try the different formats with you different yo-yos to see what works best with you collection. Toxic’s Sample Pack has all the strings I mentioned but the thin Snake variant… it is still in testing.