Thick string

Does anybody know of a string a bit thicker than kitty xl, neon yellow, and not ridiculously expensive? If so please let me know. Thanks

I would make your own. For $4 you can get around 2500m and make it as thick as you want. I doubled the thickness of my normal strings and it didn’t work too well :stuck_out_tongue: why do you want such thick strings?

I’ve made my own but it’s way to tedious. I want thick strings because I play with short string cause I like to play fast.

Ive made different thickness strings from crazy thin to so thick its unplayable. The thicker you go, the slower the string feels, in my experience.

Ape Hangers are crazy thick.

if you want some thicc string get that yoyogstring

I don’t personally feel they are super thick. My opinion. They are thick though

Maybe I’m wrong about the name, or maybe it’s just thick compared to what i’m used to.
They are about twice the thickness of my buddha string though.

Yeah, if I remember right they are quite a bit thicker than Buddha poly.