made my own string and....


So i made my own string for the first time tonite, and i accidentally made it pretty thick but you know what? I kinda liked it a little fatter! I feel like the thicker string has some umph to it. Lol. Idk y i just like it. Everyone should try it. You might surprise yourself and like it too!


I’ve tried thicker string and it felt uncomfortable, I like the thinner ones more.


Haha You should make me some :slight_smile:


Just wait till you start doing some complicated tricks with lots of string wraps and then all of a sudBAMyou get a yoyo to the knuckle

(DOGS) #5

With gaps and response the way it is now, you can afford a little more bite. If a slightly thicker string really makes it that much harder, you’re prolly pretty darn sloppy.


I would try it