There was a contest.

I thought I’ll tell what happened.

The contest was are sleeper contest. Where you had to use a yoyo less than 30$ plastic yoyo. Without manipulating the string.

So I had a yoyojam classic witwith Buddha Whiple in it. And I did put a fresh kitty string nylon 1.5 in it and got 5 minutes 5 second sleep time. I was topping the leaderboard at that time easily. Them another person got 5 minutes and 56 seconds with his stock yoyofactory replay pro.

And I thought that if I’ll throw bit more I’ll beat it easily. Then next day threw the yoyo couldn’t get more then 2 minutes. Till that time I was thinking that the bearing is really centering that’s why I was geting those sleep times.

So I thought that the string is old I’ll change it but I changed it to polyester this time no results I was like what happened I was not happy I thought I’ll loose the contest.

Then third day after trying all stuff from changing the bearing to everything then I thought why not use fresh nylon again and that was it got 6 minutes and 7 seconds and won the contest.

I don’t know how that happened. Because of string?

Yes. You probably had tension built up one way or another (too tight or too loose) with the old string. Tension plays a large part in keeping a regular old sleeper straight, as it will cause the yoyo to tilt/spin one way or another (aka propagation), and the string will eventually rub and slow it down significantly until it spins out.

Fresh strings are typically around neutral tension, hence your yoyo didn’t propagate as much, which meant the string didn’t rub as early, and you got a better time.

The “string twisting” method was disallowed for that contest, which plays into this. By manipulating the string carefully just above the sleeping yoyo, you can counteract the propagation, resulting in even longer spin times regardless of string age or tension when you first throw. If manipulation was allowed, I would have expected 9 or 10 minute sleepers from some people.

Your time was really good for not being able to manipulate the string, but it’s a result of a new string having nearly neutral tension, and you throwing very straight on that attempt.

You make a nice point here. That’s what I thought so I did make it neutral tension.

Didn’t work

And nor did fresh polyester.

It’s only nylon works. Or is it that nylon has a looser tension when fresh?

If you’re not actively adjusting tension during the sleep, then even a very small amount of bad tension will have a big effect.

I suggest that you start actively adjusting your tension during the spin. If the yoyo tilts one way, twist the string (the direction you twist depends on the way the yoyo is spinning; I’m sure you can figure it out). If it tilts the other way, twist it i the opposite direction. Essentially, the string is a steering wheel that you can use to control the tilt.

I don’t think you read the whole post.