There seems to be a lot of these recently...

I know plenty of other people are doing this but I think I am going to also. I am going to be making some string sometime here and I want a few testers. The first…4 people to reply can be the testers. Just reply with what colors you want. I’ll be making 3 (I think) for each tester. It might be a little while before I get them done and I’ll make them plenty long so you can get them the length you want, but I’ll PM each person when theirs are done.

Yellow! ;D

I like corn on the cob.

Green or Black! Or Red! Or Seafoam Green!!

No thanks, but good idea!

hey. Green and orange sounds great! :wink:

I guess it might sound different, but it’s just one color per string but you can pick 3 colors or 2 of a color or whatever like that.


Ok we’ve got the people. Locked.