Yoyo String Testers NEEDED!!

OK guys, I think I finally got it down. I am feeling comfortable with my string and the way it has came out, but I have about 2 or 3 different kinds of strings that have a different ways of play I guess. The pack will come with 3 five 5 ft strings, different colors, 100% polyester, also im trying different sizes, so 2 of the strings will be different sizes. Tester pack will only be $1.00 with shipping included. I would love to hear feed back. Plz pm me your email address, and your physical address. Then i will send you an invoice via paypal. Paypal only plz. If you have any questions plz feel free to email me at mlewis38@comcast.net or PM me. Thanks.

*Note Strings will be random colors, plz PM me if you have any special requests or want mixed colors, Most colors will be, Black, White, green, yellow, blue, gray,red, brown.
here is some pix:

looks interesting. PUT ME DOWN AS MAYBE

Ok will do.

How did you make these.???

he made a tut a week ago

Actually looks really professional. Put me down as one :smiley: