YoNinjaYo Samurai String.


We have our first product for our accessory and apparel company. It is string. 100% polyester.
Here it was it looks like. We have two different colors. And we are thinking of selling them for $4 for 10 strings. Each and every string is handmade. Lots of time and passion are put into these strings. And we can’t wait to have people try them out. Also every pack of string comes with our YoNinjaYo Logo sticker. We really hope you guys enjoy it. Give them a try and give us as much feed back as possible. Right now we are going multi color string. Such as red/white string and blue/dark green string. There are only 2 of us making the string. And as I said. All string is handmade. One string at a time, making sure it lives up to our YoNinjaYo standards. We hope that some of you try it out. And help us along the way that we may bring you the best product we possibly can… Thank you…
. - Colby and Carly

You can follow us on Instagram @yoninjayoco and see videos we will be posting monthly on YouTube. Just search yoninjayoco on YouTube. We look forward to what you guys have to say and all feedback is especially welcome as they are important to us. Thank you for everything guys!!


Interesting… I’ll have to give it a try. Where can I purchase?


According to rules i thought I wasn’t allowed to give out a link or anything… If this isn’t breaking the rules. Then search for yoninjayo on etsy. If I have broken a rule, then admins please modify this post. Thank you.

P.s. Once we actually start making some sells we will invest in getting brighter and bolder colors…
Right now we have red, white, dark green, and day light Blue. If you would like a custom color string from those colors, please to not hesitate to ask. We would be happy to mix any of those colors to give you a multi color string of your choice.


I’ve tried some of the string and I like it! I found it to be very slack-friendly even in the breezy bay area afternoons that normally kill any slack-based moves I attempt. Definitely worth trying out!


We will be adding a black/white string… Looks like this.


We are closing shop for now, until we make improvements and adjustments to our string. We want to make the best string possible. And in order to that we need to close shop, and rethink our string strategy.

(major_seventh) #7


For colors I’d only make neon orange, yellow, and white. Maybe neon pink. Something bright and solid. Twisted blends in too much from past experience.

Good luck!


Thank you, we appreciate your kind words, just curious will you be at bats?
We decided to take around 20 packs of 3 different colored string, and who ever basically gets one, it will be so they can fully test our string. They will be more of a tester/samlple back. So if you want to be a tester, and are willing to give it a go. Come find me at nationals… One tester pack per a person. And color will be random pick. But I can give you all a sneak peak at what you could pick up free at nationals. If your willing to do the work and give feedback on ways we can make it better. Which is why we will hand out one pack per a person. More people yo hear back from :blush:

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I’ll be there! Hope to meet you and try some string. :slight_smile:


We have our sample packs ready for tomorrow. Anyone on here looking forward to trying some out and give us all the feedback possible so that we may bring the best product to you… Here is a glimpse of what’s to come at nationals, completely free from us @ YoNinjaYo


So after handing out a few samples at nationals and getting feedback from a few we decided to discontinue the mixed color string and go with our solid color string. You wont be disappointed, go ahead, give our string a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. Also follow us on Instagram @yoninjayoco

Also these are the colors we will be selling.


We will have three new colors coming soon as well as the contest details on our social media pages. So be sure to check it out through out this week. Here are the colors coming to our shop this Friday. Check out our social media and be sure to follow us on instagram @yoninjayoco to keep your eyes open for when the contest starts.


The Contest has begun… Go Check out @yoninjayoco on Intagram. We wont be disappointed!! Contest last till Nov 15th. Those who take a chance in our contest have a chance to win a YYF Plastic DayDream. Don’t procrastinate, take a chance with our contest.