The YoYoJam MicroMo Review |

When I was young I loved Baseball. I also loved Football. I was such a fanatic that I would take my baseball cards and stick them to the TV screen during games. Naturally my sports hero was Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson did it all. He played baseball for the Royals and Football for the Raiders and was good at both. He was so good in fact, that Nike did a whole advert block with him playing various niche sports with the slogan Bo Knows.
In yo-yoing, we may not have a Bo, but we do have a Mo. Let me tell you, Mo Knows. Not many people know this, but the influence Mo Chavez has had on the yo-yo manufacturing world has had far and reaching effects on the products currently in the market. Mo had influence on the move away from starburst response. Mo had influence on weight placements. I am not claiming creation or invention, just influence. Mo has had influence on a very long list of tweaks, innovations, and improvements with very little credit given or taken. You could say that Mo is an unsung (but surly) hero in the yoyo world. Mo also has a new yo-yo out in the wild through his sponsor YoYoJam. Following up the success and positive fan reception of the Minimotu is the MicroMo.

I will have the Steak, medium rare, with the green sauce and a LINK on the side

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wow i seriously want one now :o