The YoYoJam Destiny & Bearing 5a Dice |

I used to be obsessed with comics. I would hit up the comic book store every Wednesday after school and drop my hard earned pizza money on stacks and stacks of comic books featuring Green Lantern, Captain America, Superman, Spiderman and of course the X-Men. I was all about the X-Men. There was one character that always seemed to cameo in big stories that I could not stand. Destiny. Destiny was a mutant that could see the future, which is cool and all, except she NEVER TOLD ANYONE about it. There would be some huge reveal like, Prof X finding out he had a non-mutant son who was running for the senate on an anti-mutant campaign and they would visit Destiny and she would not be there but her journal or notes would be left behind conveniently detailing everything that just happened. Having the ability to see the future is cool. Having the ability to see the future and refusing to help out your friends just makes you a jerk.
Unlike the Marvel mutant, this Destiny looks pretty cool. The YoYoJam Destiny is the signature yo-yo of the three time 5a champion Takeshi Matsuura. It is also the flagship model of the YoYoJam 5a line and features their new ball bearing counterweight. is your DESTINY(ation)