Yoyojam 5a

hey guys i have a destiny and a sfx neither are my fit for 5a. i want to stick with yyj. What is a good throw for 5a from yyj… help a guy out.

The Destiny was made for 5A, isn’t it?

The Destiny and Pinnacle are being marketed and packaged as 5A yoyos, so if you want the work done for you already, then there are your answers right there.

I have the Pinnacle, I feel it’s a bit light, but if you’re starting out with 5A, for under $20, it’s a win. The Destiny I don’t currently have plans to get, mostly because I’m looking at it for 5A, and since I can’t do 5A very well right now, it makes little sense for me to get it at this time. I always keep my options open though. As my skills with 5A improve, the Destiny will most likely join the collection.

how about a dm2?

I’ve had a destiny (very good), but I’m a HUGE fan of a DM2 with a duncan bouncy ball. That combo works great for me