YYJ Destiny first impressions -

Hi, so I got my destiny today and I was very excited, as a 5A player, to see if it could deliver

I only played a little bit with it and this is a “first impressions” post, the review will be posted later this week on yoyo-france.net (french and english versions)

Alright, so let’s cut to the chase

Destiny’s being Takeshi Matsuura signature throw, I was expecting performance and optimisation for 5A play.

That’s what I got, the whole thing, yoyo+CW is on the lighter side, definitely aimed for fast technical play. Right now I’m playing with the standard non responsive bearing (the destiny comes with both responsive and unresponsive bearings) and I’ll further try with a KK as well, see what’s up.

But it’s stable, fairly long spinning and definitely a fast player, it can achieve speeds way beyond my skills, but I’m not a competitor and I can enjoy the slower paced play as well.

So to me, it requires extra attention on “aerial” tricks (with both CW and yoyo in motion) and some adjustment in my timing. But the overall balance is excellent so it’s not really an issue, that said, it still requires my attention at the risk of dropping the throw.

the yoyo in itself is as good as you can expect from yoyojam, i.e. stable, fairly smooth (I noticed a VERY small vibe in the first throws) and aimed for performance.

Now about the CW, I was really looking forward to trying this CW out, it seemed full of promises and as a double dice player/beginner, I was really curious to see how the small bead would do in a DD configuration.

My initial expectations were that it was too light, actually, it is. It’s so light that it actually not really acts as a counterweight and DD play can easily look as flying eel with a sliding CW.

is that a bad thing ? probably not if you are creative, maybe you can use it to make up new tricks

The other issue I had was the way it was attached. Both CWs were attached as “sliding”, i.e. behind the loop. I corrected it by tying the bead as a regular CW (within the slipknot) and while it doesn’t really fix the weight issue, at least it doesn’t slide anymore.

Now the ball bearing “concept”.
I can’t help but thinking that, due to the size of the hole going through the main CW, the bearing is unnecessary and the CW would hold the tension just as well without it.

So is the destiny worth getting for a 5A player? yes definitely
is the CW bringing something new to the table? yes definitely

it’s the first CW by YYJ, I wasn’t expecting the ultimate CW, and it’s not, definitely not. But it brings some good ideas that will need further thinking, it leaves plenty of room for improvement and it’s definitely a step forward towards 5A players.

The double dice “potential” is here probably missed, the bearing as it is now, I’m not really sure how much of a difference it makes, but on some other DD setups I have, there are fairly large holes in my middle CW and relatively lighter CWs tied at the end of the string, this is more than enough to take care of my string tension, to me at least.

So the destiny is a great 5A performer, good looker (although I’m not really a fan of YYJ designs), it definitely brings something good for the 5A crowd and I applaud that. But I want to see it as the beginning of something rather than some sort of 5A endgame.

I’ll play furthermore with it and post a proper review within the next days, but there are many people wondering about it so I thought I’d drop a word.

if you thought you’d get it for 5A, definitely get it. Don’t ask too much for double dice, that’s all

but 5A players are used to tweaks and whatnot, so there’s probably something to do to improve the already good YYJ CW design.

Congratulations YYJ, you’ve made the 5A train move again, and for that, you have all my respect.
now keep up the good work and improve that CW for proper double dice play, maybe get rid of the bearing inside, save a few bucks and sell it for that much cheaper.

it’s very exciting, as a 5A player, to hold this throw and imagine that it’s only the beginning of 5A revolution.

Thumbs up for you!
How does it play for 1A?

I don’t play 1A but I take it it should be fast and stable

spec wise, 5A throws are pretty much 1A throws with a CW attached to the string so any good 1A throw will be good for 5A and vice versa.

but I’ll definitely do some 1A with it for the full review, see what it’s like

but “fast” is probably the keyword here

Awesome, Great to see you enjoying it!

I am, actually, now I have it in a proper double dice setup, still on the light side

I found out the throw was REALLY good for beesting and similar “release” type tricks, it has a nice inertia that carries the string motion perfectly.