Can someone post a review for the YYJ Destiny?




Wait for people to get it (shipping usually takes 2-3 days from here you know)and have time to play with it. Give it a week.


ok bump now. its been a while. can someone post a review now please


its only been 2 days


maybe if you didn’t ask like the world owed you to post a review, you’d get some more positive replies

just sayin

now think about it, as soon as someone will post a review, a blog or website, you’ll see the link EVERYWHERE because it’ll give said website some good traffic

so all in all, no need to ask if you can’t find a review, that pretty much means that there are none, yet.


I got one. Its too light and the counterweights a gimmick. Its better for 1a but still kinda eh. I think theres better yyjs for 5a then this.


I take it back. I love it now that I’m used to it but one of the pads poped off. is that common with yyj or somethin?


here you go,30913.0.html