Destiny or DM2?

Im getting really into YYJ, and I wanna start out with either the DM2, or Destiny. Iv only tried a DM2 out of those, and I really liked it, but the one I tried had lots of vibe, and wobble, but im not sure if that applies to all DM2s. The new YYJ, Destiny, also looks pretty nice. But it looks like it has a small bearing, and im not too much into SB yoyos, but I could be wrong, and it may be completely unresponsive. Also the Destiny seems kinda thin, and I usually like wider yoyos. But what are you guy’s opinions on the 2 throws?
Thanks. :wink:

Finally, someone who says DM2 has vibe.

Anyways, the DM2 isn’t really the most top on my preference of yoyo’s, but this is just me. It plays well with the Speed Bearing, does every trick as expected. Palm grinds well, but it kinda sticks on finger grinds because of the plastic finish. And of course I gotta mention it’s THE yoyo for IRG’s.

I don’t have the Destiny though, but, if you tried the DM2, I think it would be nice for you if you tried the Destiny out too.

Thanks for the advice, man. Ill get the Destniy, because a lot of people are saying its “better” in a way. Thank you all that voted or stated your opinions. :wink: