Is it wise to buy yyj destiny when I already have two yyf metal yo-yos???


I got yyf supernova and yyf catalyst both are good throws but I still want to buy a yyj destiny. Is it stupid to buy yyj destiny as some reviews say that the supernova is overall better than this metal-rimmed plastic yoyo? Personally I love 5a yo-yoing and I think that the catalyst isn’t really my cup of tea :frowning:

Anyone got both supernova and destiny?? I need some advises.


I got a Destiny recently and I like it, it’s a fun throw very different shape and size to the Supernova. The Takeshi dice makes it great, I always struggle with 5a but I’m really enjoying practicing at the moment. If you have a Supernova and like it, I wouldn’t say you need to buy a Destiny just for 5a but if you’re like me and just buy new throws because it’s fun to own new throws, then go for it!


The Supernova should already be good for 5a and YYJ’s solid spin axle has a tendency to crack.


you only have two metal?

talk to me next year when you have 20…



LOL! My bad, I am just asking if it is a waste of money to buy a hybrid yoyo, I got no intention to show off or anything. Dude, any advise you can give me on my problem? I just don’t want to waste money. In fact, when I bought my supernova I was really regretted, I think catalyst is somehow better.


What do you like about the Supernova, what don’t you like about the Cat? Why do you think the Cat is somehow a better yo-yo? Just trying to get an idea of what you like, otherwise it’s hard to say if you’ll like the Destiny. The Destiny is an undersized, organic shaped throw with a special counterweight. I like the weight rings where they are because it means you’re not hitting your knuckles/face with hard metal.


Silverkno the issue is YOU NEVER KNOW until you get the damn thing and throw it…

you will have many, many regrets in your yoyo buying life.

my advice is to buy what you want, when you want and forget the mistakes or sell them off or simply have a super collection.

you will never LOVE all of your yoyo’s Silverkno and you will waste money according to Silverkno, though I do not think a mistake in a yoyo is a waste.

you will have a fine collection.

if you obsess over what it will cost you don’t buy anything.

regardless of what you pay you will be upset.

pick something and buy it for your reasons and your reasons only. others cannot and should not dictate your dollars spent. read a huge variety of reviews and make an informed choice.

let us know…



Hmmm… I got bad experience about the supernova, mine is the 2013 edition with SPEC-X (10ball) bearing. The bearing make the yoyo can’t sleep as long as the cat and then once I lube the bearing, it becomes too unresponsive that I cannot bind the yoyo back. And after I lube the bearing, few days later the O-ring pad comes off and can never put it back. I am still waiting for the new pads to arrive. About the cat, it is heavy, spins very fast with some noise make me feel so good as I didn’t perform high speed 5a yo-yoing, my style is kinda slow. Maybe the supernova will get better once I put on the konkave or SPEC bearing, I don’t know. I buy the supernova becoz I think catalyst isn’t too stable but once I got the supernova its quality really isn’t good… (My supernova is made in China!!!)


You overlubed the bearing. Clean it out, and don’t spill lube on the pads.




0___0 so, how often should I lube the bearing?? I thought I need to lube it every time I change a new string… is it better to remove the bearing and lube it on the table?


You add 1 tiny drop of lube if the bearing is making too much noise otherwise you just play it


The Destiny is one of my all time favorite yoyos, but don’t be fooled by it’s plastic construction - it’s not a beginner yoyo, especially for 5a. It plays very fast and does not tolerate mistakes. When you’re playing clean it’s an incredible performer, but if you’re prone to mistakes you may find yourself frustrated.

Of course whether or not to buy it is your choice, and I always support people venturing into non 1a styles, but this is something to keep in mind.


I don’t know why when my catalyst is silence, it spins slower and once I lube it it spins loud and very fast!!! The SPEC-X bearing without lubing is silence but cannot sleep long… Once it is lubed it spins faster but still silence and can spins a lot longer so I just don’t know when should I lube each yoyo U_U

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Every yoyo is a different experience. I have roughly 70, and I play with cheaper plastic yoyos often. If the yoyo appeals to you, buy it. Plastic yoyos can be just as fun if not more fun than metal yoyos.


pick one you know…



I wouldn’t get the destiny.
Yoyo jam should have made takeshi a better full-metal throw.
I’m sure he would’ve much preferred it over a hybrid :stuck_out_tongue:


70??!!! So how many of them you will use in practice?? If you use so many yo-yos then you will need a lot of strings, lube and bearings……


There’s people on here who have hundreds, having 30+ throws isn’t that uncommon actually

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I just use whatever I feel like. I do have a lot of string, but I don’t have too many extra bearings and I rarely use lube.

Yoyos are yoyos. Carrying a 10$ yoyojam classic can feel the same as carrying a 100$ metal yoyo. When starting out, it’s good to try different kinds of yoyos so you find out what kind of design you look for in a yoyo.