The GOD TRICKS Destiny

Helloooo Fellow Yo Freaks! Did you throw your throw today yet?? hehe

Well here we are again and I’m quite excited to be reviewing the Destiny Yoyo by God Tricks! Yes Quite excited indeed.

I hadn’t even HEARD of this yoyo or the brand until about 2 weeks ago, maybe 3, so when I actually saw it, I was immediately attracted to it for two reasons, its aggressive V shape similar to my Spyy Pro and because of its super cool finishes.


Diameter: 54mm

Width: 40.23

Weight: 66.2 grams

Gap: 4.5 mm fixed

Bearing size: C (Concave type)

Response: K pad

Finish: Anodized

This brand is Chinese, In fact to my surprise it is the SAME company that manufactures for Yoyo Factory!! After learning this I was even .more eager than ever to throw it… And sure enough… this $50 dollar contender IS a CONTENDER! It could be one of,the best throws in it’s price range if not THE BEST.

May I just say that the brand name is SO COOL!!!, God Tricks… wow… I mean wow, you tell your friend that you have a God Trcks yoyo and s/he will have that deer in the headlights stare and be like ooooooh and aaaaaaaaaah and then oooooh again. Then s/he asks can I hold it?? And you say NO, but you can see it because it’s God Tricks!! And only you have this in the room. You get the feeling?? God Tricks, God Tricks, God Tricks!!! It almost makes you feel like a GOD (A YOYO GOD ok??? Let’s not get too carried away).

Appearance: The display package for God Tricks is unique and very original. I always complain that mainstream giants like YYF and YYJ produce such boring boxes for their yoyos so it was really refreshing to to look at this display. (Well the new 888x box is actually impressive) But It reminds me of Michelangelo’s latter sculptures in which the work is working its way out of the marble block. This box has a segment missing leaving a side of the yoyo exposed that looks as if the yoyo is working itself out of the box. It’s very cool looking indeed and it’s definitely a keeper if you just ever want this or any other yoyo to look cool on a shelf. I’m definitely keeping this box!

The yoyo itself is aggressive looking (just my style) and kinda flying saucer or UFOish. I got the platinum silver finish yoyo which you will see in the attached photos. The other finishes are superb, but I wanted something really bright and flashy that would contrast well with dark string. Coming from a guy who adores black yoyos, this is a total contrast and I simply LOVE IT!

Play/Feel: This yoyo handles excellent, just excellent all around. I am thoroughly impressed with it. After spending $100’s of dollars looking for excellence, here is a piece that is half that and yet performs like a $100 throw. A yoyo for the masses!

I thought the form would bother me but no, it feels just fine in the hand, even on the returns. It is super super smooth on the string and boy does it play FAST! I have the 2011 Yuuksta (65grams), YYJ Meteor (64 grams) YYF Chaotic (66 grams) Duncan Raptor (66 grams without caps) and this one is THE fastest player of all the lighter weight throws. Naturally, all you have to do is look at it to understand how easily it cuts through the air. But wow, on the first throw I was not expecting the speed so I had to adjust my tempo hehe. The beauty of it though is that it can also play SLOW! It literally can crawl across the string. So with this, you have the best of both worlds! Simply simply amazing. It can handle anything up to and past the Master Level easily…

The yoyo is super super Unresponsive. More unresponsive than the SPYY Pro which stunned me. It has a low tapered wall gap for easy string layering, and Zero Drag on the string. Meaning your yoyo’s spin won’t decay as quickly due to string and wall friction. The destiny offers very very good balance and plenty of float! It shoots up fast when you pop it up, very similar if not moreso than my Spyy Supra.

It’s surface is anodized with laser engraving. It is excellent for for finger grinds and palm grinds. The only weak point is the IRG. It’s inner angle is obtuse which makes an IRG hard to perform efficiently. You have to position your thumb just right to get it. But since I don’t do a lot of IRG’s anyway, it’s a non issue for me. Then again I’ve seen people do IRG’s on YYJams with the caps on, well then doing it on the Destiny should be easier shouldn’t it??

The weight distribution on this model is unique as I’ve not seen anything similar as of yet. It has a broad weight ring underneath the wing and the spin time this produces is really great. The destiny beats many of my throws in it’s weight class in this regard. Furthermore It plays equally alongside the YYF Rockstar, SPYY PRO and SUPRA, and ST Quark. and Singularity. I’m not kidding, that’s how good the Destiny really is. For yoyos at it’s price point, it’ll basically smoke many of them in my opinion.

I did a comparative sleeper test alongside the new Rockstar. Bear in mind the Rockstar is radically different in shape and is a heavier throw. Both yoyos first using a standard uncleaned bearing is as follows: Rockstar 4:45 Destiny: 4:36. Just a 9 second difference. Afterwards, using a cleaned and thin lubed bearing: Rockstar 8:41 Destiny: 8:36. I was clearly blown away. I mean what an efficient design. And it never inclined to the left or to the right during the sleeper either. It stayed right on axis. Lighter, faster, practically equal in spin and at an accesible price too. What more could you ask for?

To Conclude: God Tricks is for real. I can’t overstate it enough. I am so so pleased with it that if I were any happier, it’d be illegal.

Congrats to God Tricks!!

wow, where did you get that? it looks awesome

Not only does it Look Awesome, but it Plays Awesome!! Just google the yoyo and you’ll find it.

Thx for the post!

That’s an appealing yoyo! Too bad I’m saving up for a angeldust/Jason Ano combo for my Genesis T.T

That is one sick throw!!!

Nice review. i would get it but i use exclusively undersized except for my first high performer, northstar. Haha. Very nice review though

I used to be like that, only undersized, but it’s not fulfilling enough for me anymore so after my Spyy Pro, i started getting full sized throws to balance it all out. thx for the post.

cool looking yoyo :wink:

you said it man… check out what it looks like in the sun. almost like molten metal.

for sure, here’s yet another sunlight shot of it…

yes, I even sent yoyoexpert an email in hopes that they’d stock it, but not sure if they will. What’s an angel dust/Jason Ano combo? I’m thinking about a Genesis

Ordered mine a day ago. Can’t wait to try it out!

Cool how Awesome!!! What color did you get? You won’t be able to put it down. Super stable, Fast and Long Spinning.

gonna buy one right away once I get the money! loved the review the first part about being a god and what not was hilarious me and my sister were just laughing so hard! she’s also excited for this one :slight_smile:

I ll order one tommorow :slight_smile: Aqua one with pink kitty string and aqua counter weight , yep starting some 5a ;D .

Isn’t YoYoJam coming out with a YoYo with the same name?

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Hehe, sometimes the excitement really comes through… My Cup Runneth Over hehe. I hope you get it soon, so you can lay waste to other yoyos that come across your path thus leaving a field full of dead yoyos in your wake.

The only question is, WHO will have possession of it the most?? You or Your Sister???

Wow, sounds cooooool! Should glide effortlessly for you for 5A

MM I think I heard someone say this a couple weeks ago. I don’t know… but I’d be interested to see it…

Haha easy one! Me! :slight_smile: I’ll get her one for her birthday and then we’ll both have one to our selves xD it’s weird cause all the yoyos I get she really likes so… she might not like it at first but she’ll come around just like she did with my recrev no.9 special edition xD