Review: Evolution (Infiniti GT - God-Tricks' sub brand)

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Evolution is the new high-end yoyo produced by God-Tricks.This yoyo is sold by God-Trick’s offical website ( In Chinese), and there’s two colour editions: Blue and white (normal) & Red and black (New Year limited). What’s more, this yoyo has a YoYoAddict edition, and there’s also two colour ways (same as original edition). This was on sale on 24th of December, and when I check the page on 30th Dec 2011 at 11:35am there were only two left.
In this review I’ll use a YoYoFactory yoyo which has the very similar size - SUPERNOVA(with original normal bearing), and last high cost-effective yoyo produced by God-Tricks - DESTINY(original KonKave), etc, for comparison. (Bounty Hunter by God-Tricks I didn’t have when doing the review so just take it for limited reference; YoYoJam Destiny is a metal-ring plastic throw, and is for 5a, so just for size reference)

0. Official Statistics & Explanations

God-Tricks information:
Name: Evolution
Metal used: Aluminium Alloy *
Diameter: 58mm
Weight: 67.5g
Valid Width: 40mm
Response: Silicone *
Suitable styles: 1a/3a/5a
Price: 548RMB

YoYoAddict Information
Diameter: 58mm
Weight: 66g (so we can see that there is a slight difference between the normal version and YYA edition)
Total Width: 44mm

High-end sub-brand of God-Tricks, Infiniti GT. This is their first yoyo. The version shown is YYA limited edition. Anodising Aluminium, double colured. Apart from that, the brand-new looking and shiny surface treatment suit together. 57.6mm diameter, 44mm width, easy to land on strings, relatively a big size yoyo. Please experience the friendly looking and performance. (This is an approximate translation)
Price: 8900 yen

= = = = From here it’s the review part I write myself = = = =

1. Package

Front view:

We can see that ‘evolution’ is a sticker instead of printing on the box, but doesn’t have a impact on the package.
The front side of yoyo can touch the air, which doesn’t match the offical Chinese explanation part, but again, not really a big deal.

Side view:

Suitable age: over 14; Made in China; limited to overseas(outside of China) & God-Tricks Premium Reseller only.

Back view & unpacking:

YoYo at the bottom. On the right is the back of the package, it’s with two Icons, one is God-Tricks and another is Infiniti GT, with the introduction of God-Tricks. On the bottom there are simplified informations about God-Tricks in English and Japanese. On the left is how the yoyo is packed: two of those that fix the yoyo in the middle and in the air, reduce the impact to a minimum when package being crashed during posting & moving - the yoyo doesn’t touch the package.

With the box there is a yoyo string, the one I received is green.


It is said that this yoyo is produced to give the world a good first impression of Infiniti GT, and aim for players over the world. The design of black & white packaging looks more simple than their previous yoyo - Destiny; “Suitable age - 14 and older” the simple safety warning replaced those cliches. Multiple language with simple colour design on the package indicate that this yoyo is aimed for high-end market.
The package also secure the yoyo well.

2. Appearance

Metal used : 6063.
YoYo is divided into 3 parts, the middle bit is anodized (blue) and is a bit thinner, comparing to outer and inner parts which are sandblasting. The sandblast is fine and difference can be seen between that and other Chinese products; The shape allows string that hit outer part fall in fast into the yoyo , and also gives a buffer before any strings hit the inner part from outside. The slope of inner part and 1mm wall make the yoyo spin well, and its unique shape give a brand new feeling when you throw them.
(the relationship between middle and inner part has been argued by C3YoYoDesign, who wants to clarify the ‘double-v’ bump area is their original design. I personally agree with that but for me the yoyo is more like a normal one with thinner middle part, and I’ll stop here before it runs off the topic)

3. Accessories

Originally with a KonKave Bearing, response pads are sillicon rings (same size as normal Auldey and previous God-Tricks yoyos, but it's not sold on this site I don't think), or if you can you can just use sillicon and diy.
The green string I got has a nice performance for fast tricks (but not as nice as kitty string, for sure), not easy to get string tension, and really good for suicides. It throws like a YoYoNation Highlighter.

4. Spin

The shape has been different from the past, so it is not easy to get used to it in the first several throw.
After getting used to it, I am quite impressed with the design. The inner part & 1mm wall gives the yoyo a good start for spinning, and its shape makes it not easy to tilt, but also not hard to correct. The weight distribution makes the spin long enough for tricks and also reliable.

Spinning time test:
*I'm not a professional sleeping contest thrower, so can not throw as long as it maximumlly could, but the 3 yoyos are tested in the same way&momentum of throwing to make fair.
Evolution and Destiny is using the original kk bearing inside, when YoYoFactory Supernova is using the original normal bearing. All responses have been used for approx 5 hours from new. Every yoyo is thrown 5 times, take the average with the middle three.

Evolution 8:34, Supernova 6:03, Destiny 6:57

During the tilt correction when twisting the string (especially when near the end of the spin), I turn my body when direction of the yoyo changes. I turn 1.5 full circles to 2.5 for Destiny, 15+ for supernova (this has something to do with non-kk bearing as well), and maximum 90 degrees (0.25 circle) for Evolution.

Quality of throwing: When normally thrown down, same as destiny, evolution has a micro-wobble (slightly more gentle than destiny), and Supernova doesn't wobble. ( Its wall area is wider therefore gives really high-quality throw no matter if you are a beginner or a Tyler Severance)  After touching it, the destiny's micro-wobble decreased but still exist; Supernova doesn't make much difference at all (because it doesn't wobble at the first place), and for Evolution it gives me a bit surprise: I thought the feeling when my nail touch supernova is 'does not wobble', but when I feel the evolution, it even wobble less than supernova. That kind of indicate me a new definition of 'does not wobble'.

We can call it 'low-speed spinning' when you can actually see the spin (like it spins 10 times a second or less?). So the supernova enters the 'low-speed spinning' at last, but stops first; Evolution enter the 'LS spinning' slightly later than destiny, but not much difference.
One of the advantage about destiny is that it gives a stable spin in 'LS spinning', and this even makes an 'Evolution' when it comes to Evolution the Infiniti GT new throw. In 'LS spinning' its not only more stable than Destiny, but also spins stable even when it's tilt. ( I can't say 'horizontal' instead of 'tilt' though) I tried a mickey front style combo after it has spin for 6 minutes (without the seasick and protrusion parts), due to my inaccuracy of the movement the yoyo even tilt in the middle of the trick, but  still finished the trick and (with care) bind perfectly.

After hitting the ground with concrete(by accidents): Supernova had done 3 times (once was hit REALLY HARD, like throw it to concrete straight away), but still stays not wobble; Evolution hit the table by free fall from 15cm higher, but doesn't change at all; Destiny does wobble (because it's 6061 or something else start with 6, and is in a completely different price area).

5. Performance

= = Speed = =

Trick tested: the first part of Mickey’s first sideway trick in 2005 WYYC. (approx 0:20 ~ 0:22)

Test the fastest speed the yoyo can perform with this trick 10 times, all tested over 5 times and took average without max. and min.

Evolution: 20.5s Supernova: 20s Destiny: 22s
In the middle of this trick when Left hand is getting string from Right hand, with the effect of silicon the yoyo can ‘stuck a tiny portion of the string’ (and it can be felt when you throw it yourself, not by audience). This is the chance that this slight impact occurs:
Evolution: 30% Supernova: less than 5% Destiny: 25%
Accuracy (when doing this 10 times fast repetitively)
Evolution: 80% Supernova: 90% Destiny: 80%
Due to supernova’s extreme shape design, it moves faster than destiny even when it has a larger size. If force evolution to play in high speed it can approach the speed of supernova, but the performance won’t be as good, and care need to be taken against its inertia. When firstly doing tricks with Evolution it doesn’t feel it can play fast, but after getting used to it its speed is similar to Destiny. Most tricks with normal high speed can be performed with ease, but with ‘Mickey fastest combo’ type of tricks it’s hard to do.

= = Durability = =

Same trick tested, this time do it from the beginning till the yoyo stop spinning, and the tricks are done slightly slower than previous for accuracy. ( In case to reduce the impact of bearing difference, if the supernova stop spinning due to tilt when it's still in non-'LS spinning', then the time when doing this doesn't count) The yoyo are thrown as hard as when doing spinning time test.

Evolution: 61 59 60 58 60, max&min(which doesn’t count for average):73 57, and another one inaccurate attempt. Accuracy: 88%
Supernova: 23 19 22 25 23, max&min: 26 19, and 6 inaccurate attempts. Accuracy: 54%
Destiny:(times it can perform this trick) 32 33 34 32 35, max&min : 35 31, and another 3 inaccurate attempts. Accuracy: 70%
Supernova enters ‘LS spinning time’ after 20 - 22 reps of the trick, but can’t handle tricks when it has a weak spin; Destiny enters LS after about 25 reps, and Evolution about 40~45. Worth to be noticed is that when it performs 73 times with the trick, when doing the last 3 times it even stopped spinning, and just the last time was done by luck.
If say the spin of Destiny is stable throughout the whole process, then the spin of Supernova is sacrificing its spin for high-speed and accuracy at the same time; Evolution spins even more stable than Destiny throughout the whole process, especially when they spin slowly.
With a minimum of spin, Evolution can be bind completely. But that also says that it’s not a good idea for a beginner to use this to practice restart.

= = Control = =

Have talked about spinning above, will talk about tricks below.
The shape allows the yoyos tilt to be corrected quickly, this benefits tricks that require the yoyo changing axis/direction (e.g. Chen Jia Lin 1st trick performed in CYCC 2011); and it also doesn't have a big impact when the string hits the bearing with an angle.
The edge (sharp part) of the yoyo is not on the very outside of it. This is different than Destiny (the edge is just on outside) and supernova (not really edges), therefore it's easier to perform string rejections than supernova-type smooth yoyos, and not as dangerous as Destiny if you accidentally hit yourself.

= = Complex hopping and Chopsticks = =

This is when it makes hard for large yoyos.
The width of Evolution is 44mm (width allow string to land is 40mm), not a wide one, therefore it can perform the complex hop tricks (e.g. some Jensen Kimmitt trick) with no problems. It's not easy to do chopsticks with this yoyo, however the stability of this yoyo benefits its ability to do so, but of course the yoyo will not play as well as a yoyo with a small diameter.

= = Rejections and Side-spinning tricks = =

Side-spinning tricks here, I mean by the tricks like doing elihops forward and backward e.g. what Mickey did at worlds 2011, and his last trick (which happens horizontally).
The design of the edge makes ease with rejections, and the 3-stage design of the yoyo, especially the edge between the middle and outer part makes it easier for side-spinning, than the yoyos with smooth surface throughout (e.g. Supernova). And for catching it back the stability helps. More accurate to perform these than Destiny.

= = Grinding = =

All three yoyos grind for approx. 4 seconds. In the first 3 seconds all three are stable, at the last second supernova and Evolution is not as stable as Destiny, and when tilting Evolution tilts faster. Due to its two different surface treatment with different coefficient of friction, when it tilts it tilts faster and lose control.
When the yoyos doing grinding tricks with a strong spin, Evolution and Supernova has a better performance than Destiny, when Evolution is slightly more stable. Those tricks type includes arm grind, 5a Takuma back grind, etc.
Thumbgrind is impossible with Destiny, technically possible with supernova, but when in real practice it's very hard (say unless you have nails?) ; Evolution's shape allows thumb grind to happen, although not as good as some older YYJ metal ring yoyos, but it's good enough for thumb grinding.
Horizontal finger grind (e.g. Kohta Watanabe's signature tricks): the different level of supernova on the front view makes it extremely hard to get control (like when it tilts it loses control), with evolution, due to its one-curve front view surface, it's not hard to perform this type of trick, and again its stability helps a lot during the performance.

= = Binding and Regens = =

Normally has a nice sense of bind. Doesn't need much spin to return.
When doing regens it's slightly easier than destiny to get wobble. On this point of view Supernova is much better - it just doesn't.
Binding techniques that comes with normal bind direction can be performed with ease and doesn't get tangled; binding tricks that comes against the normal direction (e.g. Paul Han overhead grind & bind, trapeze to bind performed by Andre Boulay in the old video)requires a shorter amount of strings. If do it exactly the way as a normal yoyo then it can get tangled a bit inside and throw not as good as normal with your next start, but it doesn't really get tangled much. (However, if you're trying bind that Tatsuya Fujisaka did at the end of JN 3min FS then most likely you will be in trouble)

= = Horizontal = =

Extremely stable. In some degree even don't lose against YoYoRecreation Products. With basic control it stays horizontal nicely and does seldom turn into an UFO (like lose control when you have a small mistake), but even if it does when you pull back it doesn't lose too much spin (less than Destiny). Along with its size it's a good throw for horizontal.

6. Safety Notice & YoYo Notice

Opening the yoyo might cause increase of wobble; change bearings with unexpected size could break the yoyo. (official warning)
And also the yoyo is a bit heavy, using it for a long time can lead to sore fingers, shoulders, etc.
Other safety warning as same as most yoyos.

7. Rating

To be more intuitively compare the yoyos, here a mark will be given out of 5 (☆ is a half).
Spin: Spinning time of the yoyo
Control: How comfortable and efficient when controlling yoyo doing tricks
Speed: Performance when the tricks are accelerated
Appearance: How the yoyo look like
Making: How precise is the yoyo made
Stability: Performance when binding / doing tricks after it uses up half of the spin
Smoothness: Does the yoyo not 'swallow' the strings, do unexpected binds
Accessories: Strings, bearing, response, etc.
Above are approximate explanations. Marks are just for reference.


    Spin = ★★★★
    Control = ★★★★
    Speed = ★★★☆
    Appearance = ★★★★
    Making = ★★★★
    Stability = ★★★★☆
    Smoothness = ★★★★
    Accessories = ★★★★

These below are marks given to Destiny and Supernova for reference.

Spin = ★★★☆
Control = ★★★☆
Speed = ★★★☆
Appearance = ★★★☆
Making = ★★★☆
Stability = ★★★☆
Smoothness = ★★★☆
Accessories = ★★★

    Spin = ★★★
    Control = ★★★☆
    Speed = ★★★★
    Appearance = ★★★☆
    Making = ★★★★
    Stability = ★★★☆
    Smoothness = ★★★★☆
    Accessories = ★★★★

*When putting a KonKave Bearing on Supernova it can get higher performs

8. Conclusion

This is one of the yoyos with Best performance made in China. The price is on the highest part of yoyos in China as well, but its performance is much better than most of those yoyos, and even able to compete with high-end yoyos from famous international industries, when the price is lower than most of those metals, that makes it even more competitive in the market.
In one word, this is a yoyo with high quality and cost-effective. I believe it will become a landmark in Chinese yoyo industries, and will find its place in the international yoyoing world.

9. Official pictures!!617967963.jpg!!617967963.jpg!!617967963.jpg!!617967963.jpg!!617967963.jpg

= = YoYoAddict Edition = =

10. Reference

God-Tricks official website;
YoYoAddict official website;
WUYOU ex-5 "Dragon Ring" review (for reviews in aspect of tricks);
Yiwen Li 91yoyo official L4 review (for giving out marks);

Thanks for reading.

DragonMoon (Changyu Wayne Xiu)
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Just informed this this morning. [B]The metal used is 6063 not 7075, sorry for the previous inaccurate information. Other parts of the review won’t change. Thanks!

hi, i just want to ask that are the bearing is stainless steel?and how many ball in there?8 or 10 balls.

Yes, it is. And it is 10-ball bearing.

Darksonic ?