Small Impressions On YYJ Destiny

It’s really light and it drags so spin time is not so great. It’s a very light CW but I like it a lot for how light the yoyo is. It looks awesome except for that kids name on it. It was made for really fast spinning tricks like that kid I don’t like that it was made for. I wish I got a SFX instead. Your welcome for this dumbed down review of the YYJ Destiny.

That was surely a joy to read.

Is it against forum rules to boo reviews?

I said small impressions and a lot of forums are ok with that. I was also half kidding and trying to be funny/failed. Whats the big deal? I hate the thing. Sorry if you wasted your money on it??? What were you expecting from the thread subject? What should I do next time?

psh bronie

I beg to differ, the destiny is my favorite yoyo, and it is more stable than my Genisis. Not by a lot but it is. Just break it in for 1a, it takes time for it to be as smooth as possible.