Phenomizm or Destiny

I just started 5a and don’t have a throw designed for it yet.

But for 1a I have a Gnarwal, a DM 2 and a Delrin Severe(current 5a) and a Gem PSG

So should I get another 1a or a 5a throw

I am currently leaning towards the destiny, then maybe get the phenomizm later.

But how does the destiny do 1a?

That is my main question.

get a firmy if you want 1a and 5a style throw. The destiny is designed for 5a , the also all 5a throws do 1a and most 1a can do 5a. The phenomizm is the best out of your choices in my opinion due to its open shape it can do all styles really edxcluding 2a (even 4a with o rings on a thick lubed bearing) as for the destiny idk bout 1a but if i can do 5a it can do 1a.

who makes the firmy

Found it is by Something

I have decided on the Destiny but I know it is great for 5a so it should be good at 1a also, (not that I need another 1a throw right now)


if its good for 5a its good for 1a its all your preferenceits not like trying to do 1a with a fiesta lol

also the capless is a good alround yoyo but it seems you want a hybrid yoyo so the destiny or the cerberus is a good pick

my friend has capless but I like I don’t love it. I will get a destiny first then another 1a

hope you like it it comes with a takeshi diceand its basicly its a hybrid ai and i love my ai

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