freehand help

Hey guys, I don’t know if this happens to everybody, but when I throw for freehand, my yoyo gets a terrible vibe, but for 1a, its fine. Also, it doesn’t sleep as long. Any help will be appreciated!

It’s just your throw. Practice and it should clean up :wink:

I love your name im a lax goalie too repping my nemisis

probably your throw, 5A throw is a little different than 1A throw so it might take some time to get used to it.

what yoyo are you using ? I’d definitely recommend the YYJ destiny for starting out modern free hand with a good quality yoyo and the best conditions.

I’m using a die nasty I got from a trade

All about the eclipse

This video has a lot of good information about 5a, including how to properly hold a 5a yoyo.

Not flexible for me; but you gotta go with 10d or your not a champ

Agreed that it’s probably just a practice thing. I’m very very bad at 5A but I know that when I’ve tried it’s more difficult to get a smooth throw than when I’m throwing 1A.

true.its different, my 5a throws are whole minutes longer than my 1a just because i can throw that way better.
and whatever you choose, make sure its least when your a begginer.i might suggest the protostar.

destiny’s where it’s at, it’s fairly cheap, perfectly balanced with the CW and for 5A play. I’ve been playing it for 10 days or so now, it makes it so much easier for 5A specifics

as for the throw, I even throw “5A style” when I throw 1A now (not that it happens that often)

about the vibe, it can also be the binds

die nasty is a great 5a throw imho. I liked it more than the destiny
Eventually I’ll get a new one/fix mine