yyj destiny help?

should i get a destiny is it all the hype its supposed to be and is the counterweight all that great and is it too light
thanks for reading

Destiny is a the exactly same as other yoyo’s. Similar to SFX in shape. But the counter weight is getting a lot fo attraction. But, it’s not only the counterweight. This yoyo is great, for any style.

I can’t say much about it, but many people chant it’s great, nice play. But it “includes” the bearingized counterweight which just “adds” to the hype.

Should you get it, this question has a matter of factors. What skill level, style of play you’re aiming, size preference, material preference and all the other preferences whatnot.

it seems like everything i like in a yoyo the sfx is my favorite throw and i have high end metals so u can see how much i like it but is it too light cuz its only like 62 grams

why wouldn’t you get it then? If it fits your preferences, then go for it.

Lol the sfx is 66 grams 0_o

the size shape and everything are my preferences except the weight is it really really light or does it feel heavyer than 62 grams and is like a whole lot better in 5a


Are you starting 5a or are you skilled?

Are you beginning 5a ot are you skilled at it

Im not a beginner i know like twenty tricks but im not that good but im practicing 5a alot now

For my preference the destiny is an awesome 1a and 5a player light but not too light

Thanks and hows the counterweight