The Yoyo Show- Brand new yoyo podcast

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know, I have created a podcast that is all about yoyoing. I am not a very experienced podcaster, but I have been doing broadcasting work since I was 11, and had a lot of fun making my first episode. There are some mistakes and verbal errors, but overall I like the way it turned out. It is being hosted on SoundCloud for now, but I do not know if I will be able to keep it there as I do not make any money off of the show. SoundCloud technically has a free service, but it is hard to keep a podcast going unless you “go pro”. So I will see if I can keep it there, but it may move. If it does, I will make sure to notify you guys. The first episode has already been posted. You can view it at Like it and make some comments. Make sure to follow my page, as more should be coming out every week! Feel free to ask questions in podcast comments are right here, or tell me if you know of another great place I could host the show, or if you want to be featured/shoutout on the show. I had a lot of fun making this one, so please give me another reason to keep it up!

I’m glad to see that you are pursuing the podcast however I personally feel like you were stepping on a lot of people’s feet. If you want your podcast to grow, I think it would be better not to down people, companies, towns and so on.

Edit: I hardly ever take the yoyo apart when I ship. I would personally recommend not! Then when they put the yoyo back together, it could have vibe that it didn’t before. Just package the yoyo really well.

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Update: Thank you for all of those who gave me the helpful feedback on the show. I put the link on the Facebook BST as well, and got some encouraging messages as well as some useful tips. I will be releasing a new episode once a week, every Saturday (unless I have a prior commitment that day, in which I will release it Friday or Sunday for sure). For now, I should be able to keep it on SoundCloud, but I also have the show on Spreaker, which you can view here, I may stop putting on Spreaker, however, I have gotten many views and subscribers on SoundCloud, but none on Spreaker. Thanks you everyone for helping me out, and make sure to comment if you think the show should have a more creative name :wink:


This felt like a rant with no general direction and a lot of uninformed personal opinions stated as facts.

I think it would help if you chose a topic or area of discussion to focus on other than just general yo-yo stuff and whatever is on your mind. Decide what message you are trying to convey and understand the reason for your podcast, then do a little research and fact checking before you proceed.

I apologize for my lacking of general direction ranting. I will be sure to dumb it down in the next episode and/or put a trigger warning in the podcast description. I thank you for your feedback, but point out that I actually did do some research before publishing the podcast to soundcloud for others to see. I feel like the place where I was the harshest was my assault on the city of Cleveland, Ohio. However, my idea that Cleveland is not the best place to represent the country can actually be factually backed up by this source: If you read it, you will find that Cleveland has one of the worst crime rates in the country, and therefore I feel like I am justified in saying that it is not the best place for an international contest. The part about Yoyofactory using less diversity in their sponsors can be backed up as well. If you look on CLYW’s team page, you will find that very few of their sponsors, if any, have 5 or more signature yoyos, like Gentry does. You can call be out for my ranting all you want, but it does not change the fact that I actually did do my research before making the show, contrary to your claims. Thank you.

Dumb it down? how could you?

I’m not going to rehash the Cleveland thing, that’s been done to death. The contest was organized and pulled off well. I enjoyed it. If you knew what went into organizing a contest at that level then you wouldn’t complain about the location, which was actually pretty nice.

And you weren’t really harsh, you just came off as uninformed and generally wrong. Wrong about magicyoyo, yoyofactory, sponsored players, previous worlds locations, products, etc.

Again, my recommendation is to do some research before making judgements. If you don’t like that feedback then feel free to ignore it. No hard feelings.

I listened to it. I thought it was pretty funny. I like that you gave your real opinions instead of creating another yoyonews type talk show.

Just so you know CLYW makes their yoyos in china too. I believe all of their $70ish and every Bi-metal they make is from china.

I only buy Chinese yoyos made by kids that work 18 hours a day.

I have to.

I’m compelled to.

Because if I stop; they might lose their jobs and start doing yoyo podcasts.

…PS; listened to the entire podcast. I convinced myself that eventually I’d hear some kind of factual statement. Sadly I only read about misinformation and unsolicited complaining.

Now I wish I had my 30 minutes back, lol

Seriously flawed dialogue throughout the entire podcast.

My Absolute favorite part of the podcast was the ‘I’ll dumb it down for the next podcast’.

I think you need to ‘smart it up’.

…Actually the podcast was good for me.(for the entire podcast) I pretty much either laughed, shook my head or kept thinking, ‘Man; this guy needs more Oxygen’.

Hey; even a nuisance value is a ‘value’.

And don’t forget to come up with a Stupid name for the podcast.

The name should align just fine with the material. :nerd_face:

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Thanks for the feedback. My bad on the CLYW manufacturing area. Although, the difference is that the yoyos actually cost enough money so that the working conditions are likely good. Nice signature btw. :slight_smile:

Thanks yoyodoc, glad to hear it! :wink:

Next time you should try to talk about one specific topic, instead of ranting about everything that bothers you in the yo-yo world. If you must rant, back up your opinions instead of saying something like “Really, Cleveland, Cleveland sucks.” Nobody wants to listen to thirty minutes of you and your bellyaching. You also need to stay on topic, like really, you don’t need to randomly start talking about a 170 dollar draupnir in the middle of talking about something else. For next time, you should talk about something that people would be interested in, for example, “The best plastic yoyos through history” not a great topic but you get what I mean. This doesn’t mean that you can not share your opinions but you should really tone it down. Talk about one topic and stay there. I hope you will learn from your many mistakes and make a better podcast.

Hell i love the gold Shutter!! >:-O

Eeh, i had to exit out of it after 5 min. I cant blow mobile data on pointless babble.

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