YoYo podcast?


Hi guys,

I had the idea of starting a Yoyo Podcast and maybe doing it bi-weekly. I would talk about general yoyoing topics like lubing, kinds, tricks, and more. :wink:

Do you guys think this is a good idea? Is that something you would listen to?

Thanks for any feedback! :slight_smile:

doe’s anybody have any suggestions on any thing els I could talk about :slight_smile:


I’d listen I think it’s an amazing idea

the passion never dies


I would definitely listen to it! There is only 1 yoyo podcast I know of and it would be great to have more!


Id listen


Were could I find that podcast? I would like to listen to it :smiley:


Sounds like a great idea. I love hearing people talk about yo-yoing. One podcast is good, two is even better :slight_smile:


Look at what ginxxy posted. Scales is the podcast I was talking about.


This scales podcast is awesome

the passion never dies


Ok…thanks ;D


If there is anybody els who thinks that my podcast would be a good idea or anybody who would listen to it please post. I would love the feedback ;D

Thanks :wink:


You don’t need our approval :smiley:

I might check out what’s out already and some other successful podcasts in general.

Make sure you know what will keep people’s interest.
I’ve seen a couple good ideas not work out due to poor execution, so planning things out seems like a good idea.

I’m in no way trying to dissuade you though, I think it’s a fine idea.

(yoyobro!) #12

I might listen


I would definitely listen!