The Yoyo Factory Northstar, Protostar, or the Grind Machine?

Which one should I get and which sleeps longer?

The Northstar is excactly the same as the Protostar but Northstar is heavier. So for a floatier play, go for the Protostar. Although keep in mind that the Northstar plays floaty but in the specs, it is heavier than the Protostar.

The PGM is a great yoyo that is good at string tricks just as good as any other yoyo. But I had only 2 problems with it: The stacks were in the way of doing a thumb grind. The yoyo was a tad to light for me. But this is my preference.

I would choose the Protostar because it plays the right feel of play. I just don’t like the feel but I can deal with it.

I like protostar because it is fast and light.

Northstar, it is heavier, so you can really chuck it, don’t get tue pgm, it’s too lite and it just isn’t very high quality. But I think you ought to get a counter attack.

What makes you think about Counter Attack? CA is good as well and is the only one that can grind well too (other than PGM). But the play, I think Protostar kinda outplays the CA.

Just my yoyo’s.

because he is worried about the sleep time, and the CA has metal weight rings, and a center track, so according to the stats it should sleep longer.

180349, the Northstar and Protostar both have a CT bearing and has anodized weight rings. Same as the CA. There is NO reason, of that I’m sure of, that the CA will sleep longer than others. Just because CA can grind, has nothing to do with sleep time, so I’m not sure why you think that way.


counter attack rounded like the pgm2 and it has that textured whatever rims , anodized metal weight rings, center track it plays the same in terms of sleep and smoothness with the proto and northstar…

and its 5 bucks cheaper… so get a counter attack if u want the play ability of the northstar and prtostar but the shape and grinding of the pgm2

you should just get the proto. I have it and its awesome. great speed. a little loud.awesome bearing.