The "your 5 last gripes that you've had about the general section" thread v.2013

  1. pointless threads
  2. pointless threads
  3. pointless threads
  4. pointless threads
  5. pointless threads

“What your fav throw?”

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  1. First Letter Last Letter
  2. Last yoyo touched
  3. Last yoyo you wished you had
  4. The “I just picked up my old yoyo” thread
  5. What yoyo’s don’t you have

The list goes on…



This one. Quit complaining.


Maybe you should check out the unrelated board. that would cheer you up…

I think a lot of little kids have joined recently. Its the only explanation I can think of

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  1. People complaining-threads
  2. People complaining-threads
  3. People complaining-threads
  4. People complaining-threads
  5. People unfolding their personal life-threads

Either the thread is against the rules and will be taken care of by mods, or it isn’t and it will still be there. If someone really wants to know what yoyo another user touched last, then be it. Making another thread complaining about it is pointless. The thread doesn’t go against the rules. It will not be removed, and complaining about them will only give them more attention.

Eh, there are a lot of pointless threads Ill give you that, but people have complained about it before, and its never really helped, so I just let it be. Its not killing any body anyways.

A suggestion: It’d be totally sweet if posts in a fluff-thread at least had interesting content. Spouting out names of yoyos is self-fulfilling but not much else in terms of readable content.

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I think there are a few more than that.

Hey, uh. This thread was a mockery of the mass of lists. It’s not actually supposed to be a list for you guys to call out other people. That’d be the exact opposite of what I’m trying to say.



Dude, you didn’t change anything.

Nope, he didn’t Trololololl!

Uh, you guys don’t get it. He edited (aka fixed) his previous post that I referenced. He then quoted me and stated that he fixed it.


My face…