The Yo-Yo You Put Off Buying

I’m curious if you’ve ever had a yo-yo that has been on your list of throws to buy, but for some reason, you kept delaying the inevitable and pushing it back. This would be the yo-yo that is on the list of things to buy, but other yo-yos are released after it, and you buy those other yo-yos instead. This is not a yo-yo that you cannot afford. This would be a yo-yo that you can definitely afford, but there are other reasons you delayed purchasing it.

If this has ever happened to you, I want to know what yo-yo that was, and why you delayed buying it and bought other throws instead. Also, how long did it remain on the list?

For some of you, you still haven’t bought it yet.

The yo-yo that fits the above description, for me, is the YoyoFactory Protostar. I hear that yo-yo mentioned all the time, and I was always a little curious about it. A lot of yo-yos are compared to it too. When I first got into yo-yoing, I would hear that the ProtoStar and NorthStar were the same, except one was heavier than the other. I bought the heavier version NorthStar almost immediately, because I prefer heavier throws. So, for that reason, I put the Protostar on the back burner. The strange thing is, it’s only about $30, and it comes in one of my favorite color combinations (red/black/white), so it seems strange even to me that I just bought it this week. One of the main reasons, other than having the similar NorthStar, that I didn’t buy it sooner, is that I just felt it would always be around. The fact that I thought I would always be able to find it, no matter how long the delay, kept it on the back burner.

I’m glad I can finally cross it off my list. It has been a year and a half. :slight_smile:

When you answer:

  1. What yo-yo is it;
  2. The reason for the delay;
  3. How long it took you to cross it off the list (if you ever have).

Dif-e-yo Juggernaut

Delayed because it looked a bit similar to things I already had. My preferences vary from day to day so my main preference is variety. I always knew I’d have one because I really do like my difs! I should have gotten it much sooner as it’s so much more enjoyable than many of the other yoyos I purchased after it was released.

Currently it’s the dif overhaul. It’s going to be the same story. When will I ever learn? ::slight_smile:

One drop Burnside

I really dont know actually. I tried one and it was great. I guess it was a little to expensive, and didn’t feel 100% right for me.

Haha TA. Same for me.

YYF Popstar. Been on my wants list for a looonnnggg time. I have had enough cash everytime.

It always seemed to expensive for so small.

Finally i got one from logi, and i love it!

The only one that comes to mind is the Raptor. I was going to get it during the National YoYo Day sale, but then I got a Theory instead. I ended up getting it in early July.

Mostly Peaks and VsNYYC that I’ll probably never get a chance to buy again along with some Playmaxx stuff and FHZs. Oh well, saved myself a fortune =P

There’s a Clown Town 2 Peak that is the specific one I remember best. Reason for the delay was that there were a lot of Peaks around at the time and there was a ton of other stuff I was buying at the time and that Peak wasn’t a high priority. By the time I finally decided I wanted it it had just sold.

There was actually a fhmg that I was going to buy and had enough money that was for a good deal… but I found something else that I bought instead. I still wish I bought that mg… maybe I’ll see another one on the bst soon.

Yyj Classic… Idk… I guess there’s just other things hat I wanted so Ijust saved up for them instead of just buying a cheap classic.

Hspin H2O,
Mainly cost… I can buy a couple good throws for $200, but I really want to add it to my collection.

The aoda imortal star, and yoyofactory mighty flea.
The aoda mainly because I have never felt like trying to order from some site I can’t read half of.
and the mighty flea because every time it is released I end up needing some medical issue solved or car problem. Bad timing on release’s for me. :frowning:

One drop code 2. I have always really wanted it, but for some reason I always get something else. I don’t know why, but one drops are usually look kind of boring to me. That is, until the last 3 releases, those look sweet.

For me, it’s the YYR Overdrive. I really like the possibility that the Performance would fit the description. And no doubt it flies in the Video. All YYR yoyos obviously aren’t ‘evenly amazing’, but most of their offshoot tweaked yoyo shapes have Power and are well made.

The main reasons are pretty simple ones. 1. I tend to shy away from yoyos larger than 56mm. Just don’t like to feel like I am throwing a Diabolo, haha. 2. I understand why YYR decided to put the Disclaimer up about,‘The yoyos may vibe once they are unscrewed and reassembled’. ‘Once a YYR is unscrewed, it cannot be returned and if it vibes it is not considered defective’<> blah! blah! etc…
But at the same time, that condition pretty much puts you on the ‘short end’ of the deal, if you get a ‘Funny one’.
3. I would prefer the lighter Colorway, like Ryota Ogi uses in his Promo Video. If the Overdrive was available in a silver + something else Colorway! I wouldn’t be writing this, now.
4. My purchases don’t really hinge on reading a lot of 'good ’ feedback/reviews, but the Overdrive has been out for awhile now and very few people ever say anything about it, ever. <> so that is not a source of inspiration so to speak.
5. I have never been a big fan of super short axles. Their potential problems outweigh any weight related advantage.(technical modding viewpoint).

I have not written off, getting one. But I think I will just keep watching the BST for an Overdrive, looking for a new home.

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The YYJ Prototype aliance i saw it on rewind and i new i had to get it but it was gone so fast i didnt get a chance to buy one ;D ;D ;D ;D

Me too…I played one at Worlds last year and loved it, intended to purchase it later…never realized I wouldn’t be able to purchase one after that…dang.

I have a few so here goes!!

  1. What yo-yo is it; Turning Point RT

  2. The reason for the delay; Timing, colorway and waiting for YYE to get them :slight_smile:

  3. How long it took you to cross it off the list (if you ever have). A good two years!!

  4. What yo-yo is it; CLYW BvM2

  5. The reason for the delay; Colorway

  6. How long it took you to cross it off the list (if you ever have). I’d say 6 months

The Duncan FHZ and Yoyojam DMII. I’ve had chances to buy both, but I just held off for some reason. I don’t know why. ;D

Mine would probly be the speedaholic now

I like to have an good ratio of plastic to metal and this looks like a throw I’d buy and can definately afford but I’m always more interested in trading for one

The Duncan Raptor, but at Nationals, I couldn’t put it off any more since it had the special edition Caps for 2012. It shot to the top of my list.

Now, oddly enough, it’s once again Duncan. The Strix.
One I’m not so sure about is the YYJ SR-71 in Nickel.

Most of the items I want are more “commodity” type items, stuff I can get more or less whenever. There’s not real urgency to pick them up since they tend to be readily available models. With that in mind, I just shift gears onto items I feel won’t be so readily available.

At the moment, I’ve changed focus and am back on pro audio. My wants list is fairly fixed and is down to 16 yoyos, some of which are currently not released yet. A few models will be “must be urgent purchases”, while the rest will be picked up at my convenience.

For me, it’s the CLYW Puffin. Tried a friend’s and instantly loved it. But the main reason for the initial delay was, “I’m fairly new to yoyoing, and I want to try a bunch of different yoyos. My money is better spent on something I’ve never tried before than something I can play fairly often.”

Time went by and I really got a feel for my preferences. The friend also doesn’t always have his Puffin with him, so I don’t play it THAT often. Since my preferences really do fit the Puffin, and I don’t play it as much as I’d like, you’d think at this point it would be a no-brainer purchase, right? Nope… still put a few similar-tier yoyos ahead of the Puffin.

Fast forward to seeing YoYo People… John Higby had one with him and we were messing around a bit before the show. He let me use his Puffin, I handed over my Pro. As I was playing I just kept smiling thinking, “Man this is a good yoyo.” Impetous to buy one? You’d think. But I had decided to keep my money aside for the allegedly impending Deadly SpINS Pride, so I held off. But I knew I’d keep my eye on the BST.

Then Puffin came up as a Fool’s Gold. Right price, amirite? Had one in my cart and everything. But 2 days prior I had bought from the BST, earlier that day I bought from BST, and I knew that in 2 more days I’d be getting the format:C (which had replaced the long-delayed Pride as the yoyo on my brain). SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT DAT FG PUFFIN!!

So now here we are. Looking out on the BST for the right one while simultaneously saving my money to potentially buy a new one instead.

Gotta have that Puffin!

The puffin