Releases You Passed On...& Reasons Why

This thread is for a release that you passed on, something you will probably never have in your collection, and the reasons why. Even if the reasons might seem foolish to others, it doesn’t matter, it’s your money to buy or not buy. I’m just curious why you passed. I know, never say never…but I’ll start:

  1. Benchmark series - The marketing point seemed to me, that I would buy these and be able to compare the relative shapes given the same general specs. So, I had a decision to make, I was going to buy all three of them, the O, the V and the H to compare them, or buy none. If I bought one, I probably would be curious about the others too. So, I decided for the $180, I’d rather have something different on the market instead. I didn’t look at these as a $60 purchase, I looked at them as a $180 purchase. Also, I have a lot of One Drop, and trying to branch out a little more.

  2. MonkeyFinger Ape X - Not my ideal shape for a yo-yo. I usually go for an H, V, or a Bell. I heard it plays well, so if there is a YoyoExpert edition, I’ll bite. Otherwise, I’ll pass on this one.

Cool thread idea! I’ve passed on tonnes of purchases but recently:

Onedrop Benchmark Series - Pretty much the same reason as you. I also saw it as a $180 purchase, and not knowing if the different shapes would actually translate into different play, I was hesitant to drop that kind of cash on 3 yoyos that were so similar (simply because I already have so many yoyos). The clincher came when I saw the colourways. I’m not a huge fan of solids anyway, and the whole red/green/blue thing didn’t really do it for me. The nickel ones are tempting though.

CLYW Puffin 2 - I was convinced that I was going to purchase this when it dropped, however when it actually came down to it, I just lost interest. Looking at the protos and stuff I was really excited but actually looking at the finished product, it just didn’t really appeal to me anymore. I can’t really explain it.

YYF Aviator - I really wanted one of these, but when I had the chance, I ended up passing. I think it’s because I assumed (based off the Luis Genesis, etc) that it would be pretty solid and feel a lot like the Genesis/7075 Genesis (which I already own a couple of). It didn’t really seem to offer me anything that I didn’t already have, so I ended up passing.

CLYW Yeti - When they came to our UK store people were all excited and talking about staying up and sitting glued at their computer to get one. I’m really not that kind of guy so I figured “why make such a fuss? CLYW are going to have to make tonnes of them to pay off their mould, so soon you’ll be able to pick them up easily.”

How wrong I was… live and learn.

The problem I have nowadays is that I’ve reached the point in my collection where the only thing that really peaks my interest are throws that can offer me something different (bi-materials, unordinary shapes, etc etc). I already have so many yoyos that I don’t want “more” anymore, I want “different/interesting”.

Back when I started collecting I would have bought all of these without a second thought. However I’m trying to cut down my spending and focus on quality over quantity, so now I’m a lot more discerning.

That being said the last throw I did purchase was a God Tricks Trump (due to it being bi-metal), and I was somewhat disappointed… I wish I had spent that money on an Aviator instead. Such is the roulette that is yoyo purchasing.

^ Well thought out post. I have not yet passed on the Aviator, just waiting to see what will happen with the next run colors. I’m exercising some patience on that one, but I’m likely to get one in the future.

I agree about the Yeti. It just was too much of a buildup and a shortage, to the extent that I lost interest. Even when it finally dropped to an extent where I could get one, it didn’t drop where I saw the hype build. Another reason was that a variety of metals from $30 to $60 are dropping by YYO, YYF, C3 and so on, so I just felt that no matter how great it was, I was cool with not being a part of that release. Not only are they dropping between $30 and $60, but for another mere $20 you can get some other great metals too. CLYW may have much more to offer anyway, so I’ll wait and see what the future holds.

I want to add the Pride to my list. The 6061 was too light for me at 64+ grams. So, while a few of the solid colors appeal to me, I just can’t see myself enjoying it. The 7075 version is more my speed, but the colorways do not suit me at all. I get a strong feeling I will be skipping the current DS release.

I agree. Due to the way YYF operates, I’m usually tempted to pass on initial runs. When you know that there’s a blasted/splashed edition probably coming a few weeks later, it’s usually worth it to be patient.

I know they won’t, but if they Galaxy-ed the Aviator, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Heck, I’d buy a Galaxy anything, it’s just such a beautiful colourway.

I know TA said yoyos we’ll probably never buy but in a world where there are just so many releases and so little time there are honestly too many of those to keep track of so I’m going to cheat and list a few that I want/wanted but haven’t yet acquired for various reasons.

DS Pride - Looks great, had quite a bit of hype surrounding it and now has a decent following upon its release. However, at the same time it was released I was in the middle of selling both my Sasquatch and Avalanche, which share a very similar shape with the Pride. I’m sure the Pride has many of its own special characteristics, but I suspect at the end of the day it would have that Ava/Sas feeling upon returning to the hand and there was no point in letting go of the Ava/Sas if I’m just going to pick up something else similar that I’ll enjoy for a week then sell at a loss. This definitely isn’t a “never” for me but it’s certainly a “not right now”. Perhaps the right colorway will come along for the right trade one day.

AL 7 Quake - The Quake is one of my favorite yoyos so the AL 7 Quake was very tempting. However a handful of things put me off from the purchase. First (and least important), it is slightly more expensive than the Quake, and I am trying to limit my purchases these days. Second, I love wacky colorways, and although all the available AL 7 Quake colors look great, nothing about the solids had me jumping for joy. Third, I generally prefer light yoyos so I had reason to believe that the original Quake would be my preferred throw. I’ve recently been able to secure a trade I’m happy with for an AL 7 Quake so soon I will know.

Albatross - I had both the Triton and Albatross on my radar for a while. I went with the Triton recently because a colorway was released at a price I couldn’t refuse. It’s an excellent yoyo and I’m giving it a fair amount of play to be sure, but I’m not sure it’s a keeper for me. I’d like to try an Albatross to see if it fits me better.

Puffin 2 - I patiently awaited the unveiling of the colorways and was disappointed to see that there was only one I was interested in, that being Rafmagn. In a way that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, Rafmagn looked great and having only 1 stand out colorway made my purchase easy. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be as it seems just about everyone else wanted Rafmagn as well. I wasn’t home when the release hit and unfortunately my phone was just a little too slow and within a couple minutes of dropping Rafmagn was sold out and I missed my chance. I’ve had a few Puffin 2 related trade offers recently, not sure if I’ll end up taking any of them since they’re for other colors. This is one I’ll almost certainly pick up eventually, either when a Rafmagn becomes available or in a later run when a more appealing colorway comes along.

Laser - Looks great and I’ve heard nothing but great reviews. Simply waiting for an anodized one to be released.

Dazzler - It’s really expensive. I debated purchasing one and ended up passing. I strongly suspect I’d enjoy it a lot, everything about its specs appeal to me. If it is available as I narrow down my collection even more I may pick one up.

Benchmarks - Similar to TA, I at least want the V and O and at that point it seems a shame to not pick up the H. At the end of the day I’m sure these are great yoyos but I’d rather send the $180 to something that I feel will bring something new to the table for me and not just another good value.

Hatchet - The value appeal of the Benchmarks and the visual appeal of a CLYW, along with very favorable reviews. I’ve put off getting one for now but this is a definite possible buy in the future, though I’d love to trade for one if I could.

Ape-X - I like organic yoyos more than most but neither the weight nor release colorways appealed to me. Dragonslayer was much better looking but sold out quickly. Not going to lose any sleep over missing out on this one but I’d consider giving it a whirl if the right deal came along.

^ Interesting list there. When the Albatross released, I was still buying cheap yo-yos. It’s not that I don’t buy cheap throws anymore, because I certainly do, but I was buying a lot more of them back then. When I first started in the hobby, I was less willing to invest a lot in single purchases. I had to be sure the hobby would stick. At that time, I was also less willing to try a “newer company,” so I passed on it back then.

That Dazzler was almost a pass. If YYE wasn’t going to sell them, I would have passed easily. It’s light for my tastes, and honestly, it’s not the most photogenic throw out there either. It plays great despite that though, and things just worked out where I was able to stick with the plan of keeping up with the titanium releases.

I think I’m going to grab a Hatchet. I like that one that has the same shades as concrete blizzard CLYWs. It looks really neat to me.

By the way, Galaxy would look awesome on an Aviator, with that flat hub area like the Proton. But, according to YYF, I think the Superstar might be a lot closer to the next target for the Galaxy colorway. That would look great too. :wink:

I have to add another to the list. I passed on the Anglam. I doubt I will ever own one unless I hit the lottery. $300 on a partial titanium, nah, I just don’t want to do it. If there is a partial titanium, it has to be reasonably priced. Ozone with a Ti hub, and Megatron with a Ti core were priced just fine. Ti rings…for $300…pass!

  1. All of them. Because I have no money. Haha
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Yeh I thought the same thing. There are tonnes of yoyos that came out that just never interested me so I don’t consider them worth mentioning. I only focused on the ones that I initially wanted (and had the capacity and funds to aquire) or was planning to buy but then ended up passing on.

As Crococorey alluded to, we don’t want this thread to turn into a list of people naming all the throws that they want but can’t afford. There’ll be Dazzlers and Hyperions everywhere… :stuck_out_tongue:

1ST CLYW PUFFIN 2 - So, I was geared up to buy one. It looked quite nice on their Instagram. But, once it released, it didn’t look as good. Plus it would take a long time to get to my house.

2ND REC REV OCTAVE 3rd Gen - it looked awesome! But my play style changed entirely, and it had to much weight on the rim. I’m starting to like floatier yoyos now, so… Yeah!

I most likely will add onto this.

I’m with everyone else and the benchmarks. I’m sure they are all great and a good way to immediately experiment with how different shapes feel so purchasing just one type would create a conflict for me wanting to try the other two or regretting not getting the other two so I just got the BBB Bonfire and Puffin2 instead.

For me, I think it would really be interesting if I could articulate the actual reason I passed on any yo-yo. When I really sit and think about it, it’s usually not the money, but it’s some other factor or combination of factors. When money is the reason I pass, it just means that I don’t think the throw is worth the money to me, whether I can afford it or not.

I honestly believe that most people on the board can afford the Hyperion and the Dazzler. Even if some of the kids sell all the CLYW they own, they can buy whatever yo-yo they want. It just takes more effort to get the money, and more effort to find the yo-yo they want if it already sold out. But, I think for most people on the forum it’s possible to acquire almost anything. 10 really good metals, and a person is sitting on about $1000. I don’t think it’s actually affordability for most people…it’s the timing of the releases. I wish releases had a “release date” far ahead so you’d know what’s coming, and when. Also, I think the Hyperion and Dazzler were just not worth the money to a lot of people who could actually afford it.

I’ll add another one to the list, Speedaholic. I’m taking a break from the $10 to $20 plastics. I went crazy with the Classic, and have a Surge too. The first run almost had my colors, the red one…but then there was some blue on there. :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking…nah, I’ll pass on that one. Also, conflicting reviews I’ve seen is another reason. Not real reviews, but comments about whether people are enjoying it. Another reason is that if I ever change my mind, I can always find it. I doubt I will change my mind.

All of them. Reason? Money

All of them? Hmmm…that would mean that you never bought any yo-yos new. That’s possible, but is that really true in your situation?

If not…and I pose this same question to Crococorey. When you had the cash to buy a yo-yo, and you were shopping, and deciding what you would choose (at that price range), why did you pass on one yo-yo and buy another? The answer to that would be thread material.

Everyone who bought at least one new yo-yo in their life, passed on something, or a lot of things likely, to select it.

I passed on releases not yoyos themselves. The vast majority of my collection is off of gifts. My Canvas and Supernova were both gifts. Of the two most recent purchases (54 & Yelets) I bought them for a couple of reasons. First I knew I wanted a One Drop. They’re a company that makes great yoyos for reasonable prices and in the US which made me want to support them. I bought the 54 because it’s a nice organic shape, had my preferences, and seemed to have a weight distribution that would work for me. The Yelets was on sale and I needed a strictly pocket throw so I went with that.

I understand some of you younger folks are not as much in control as the adults to pick and choose to the same extent. For me, I have only received a few yo-yo gifts, so gifts are in the minority when it comes to what makes up my collection. I usually buy my own toys.

In a way, having them gifted to you is better, because it didn’t cost you anything. But, like most gifts, you may not get exactly what you would have picked out on your own.

You’re into One Drop, and one reason a lot of people pass on releases is just that they were not released by a company whose yo-yos they want to buy…not matter what it is. That is a reason to pass on something too. It’s not usually one of my reasons, but I know it’s common.

Most of them.

YYR Dazzler. I would absolutely love to have some YYR titanium in my collection but my need to eat and have a social life trumps my need for more titanium. On top of which, I’d never actually spark the thing and we all know that’s the best reason to own titanium throws :wink:


I bought the 3 Benchmarks, and I actually love them all. So to me it was worth the $180. BTW, Total Artist, if you want to borrow them and you wouldn’t mind covering the shipping, I’ll send them to you to try out. They each have their own feel but I’ve been really happy with the differences as well as the similarities. But it also solidified my belief that no yoyo is worth over $100+ bucks if I’m just going to play with it.

And that’s the biggest reason why I’ve passed on many of the recent releases. Because after a year and a half of buying and trying out many, MANY yoyos, I decided to stop collecting random throws. Instead, they must meet my specific preferences because I intend on throwing them. I have 5 Skywalkers, 12 Burnsides and 4 versions of the Genesis, 2 YYO Hatchets and a RecRev Freq.Wav. These all meet my specs, AND aside from the Skywalkers, are all under $100.

I suppose I’m interested in getting the Aviator and was so close to getting a Level 6 that I had it in my cart for a week. But I just couldn’t pull the trigger. The HONEST reason why I didn’t? You’ll laugh, but it’s because I have no more room in my “throw them all the time” case. The 24 throws above have it filled. And until I have a reason to move them out (i.e. sell them) I just can’t see purchasing anything new.