The yo just never caught my eye....Sure, I'll try it...WOW

Occasionally I find that I tend to disregard certain yoyos for no apparent reason. They just don’t catch my attention or eye. I don’t know if it’s the shape, the color, or …yeah, you get it.

This week kdbams sent our club some yoyos and one was the PSG. When I tried it, I couldn’t believe that I’d overlooked such a great yoyo and it is so affordable. I found that it played a bit heavier than it looked and was pretty stable, and spun nice and smoothly. What a great surprise! I can’t believe I totally disregarded this yoyo even after reading all the posts on it.

I wonder what else I’ve overlooked. :-\

I use to always over look any yoyos that were superwide. In a huge trade I got a steamroller that I figured I was just going to sell or trade and surprisingly I loved it. Its so smooth and doesnt play like i thought it would. I still have it and I really like it alot.

My addition to this would be my Gullwing. I picked it up in my first trade (thanks 888alltheway), and it came with some damage. Now it doesn’t look pretty at all (the grey/green colorway is already on another thread for being pretty terrible), it’s small which I’m not normally a fan of, the shape is bland and no one ever really talks about it. In fact Chico don’t seem to get much press here. But I can’t help but keep picking up this throw. The fact that it was a bit damaged means I continually happy to put it in my pocket, and it has really good spin times, has a decent heft to it, and is pretty stable for a smaller throw. In my opinion plays better than a Cafe Racer/dv888, although it has a different price point too.

One Drop yo-yos and the SPYY orbitron 5000 i never would have known were so awesome.

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That’s exactly how I feel about the One Drop YFactor and the Spy Solaris. Both are rarely talked about, but both play extremely well under all circumstances. I’ve never thrown a yoyo like the YFactor and will never, ever be without mine.

Going back to the shallow end of the cash pool…

I had no intention in owning a Classic until I bought one for my girlfriend for Xmas. After I already had it, I saw one in a color I knew she would prefer so I got her that and kept the original thinking that at least I could teach her on the exact same model she was using. Turns out, I freaking love that thing.

I over look large diameter throws like the H5.

I always overlook Yoyojams, but i decided to buy a Classic more for the bearing than anything. Turns out that I like the yoyo quite a bit. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard too much about God Tricks on here, and it was honestly a surprise. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I decided to get a Destiny last time I bought here from YYE. Turns out it is fantastic. Came in some unique packaging, and had a nice hum to it when I threw it. It’s my daily throw now, and plays like a champ.

I liked the Dv888, but holy cow the stuff God Tricks turns out is some really great stuff. I’m even looking at buying another, which says a lot since all I’ve been trying to do is try every company I can (I’ve tried Werrd, ILYY, YYF, Duncan, God Tricks, CLYW, Spin Dynamics, Yomega, YYJ, C3, and TMBR).

Holy cow. God tricks. Heh.

I overlook YYF throws like hitman and dark magic. The gfx just look so cheezy and unappealing…

I hope this is sarcasm lol…

Those, my kind and uneducated sir, are YYJ throws

The classic!!! I picked up one of the pink ones just to support, figuring it all went to a good cause, and I’ll get to have a cool collectible. Threw it a bit, decided it was definitely amazing, and then bought 2 more in different colors.

I received a orbitron 5k for free from a trade because the dude accidentally made a mistake but when my package finally arrived I was surprise to find a star grade orbitron 5k which is an amazing throw and almost was the reason I almost bought a amplifier but instead I bought a proton which I’m excited about because even tho the dv888 is the only yyf I’ve ever really thrown I bought a USA undeniable genesis I got this past Monday and its great I think I’m done only buying clyw lol

Punctuation, please.

SHAMETH ON YE! Lol I overlook anything that isn’t YYJ. I overlooked the SuperNova but my dad surprised me and got me one on the sale. It was pretty good. I was never fond of YYF but I tried a Supernova and now I’m ok with YYF. I ended up trading it because I HATED the bearing seat(so did my dad, he told me to trade it, I asked him if I could,cause I didn’t want him to feel bad that I didn’t like what he had gotten me). It was way too tight. But it did exceed my expectations of a YYF.