I just got....

…an Adegle PSG!

Can’t wait to get it next week. :slight_smile:

Nice man I hope you like it.

Me too. I got standard purple. It is the cheapest yoyo I’ve ever gotten, so I’m a little timid. Well, that is not entirely true, because 5 years ago I used to buy cheaper duncan throws.

It plays nicely

It plays ok. It is nothing compared to a YYJ Classic.

You should like It I have one it’s a fun Yoyo.

I like the PSG more, when it’s tuned well, they’re amazing!

I just got some Pappy! Absolutely not yoyo related, but I’m happier about this than I have ever been for a yoyo.

YYYYYEEAAAHHHHH!! Finally someone who recognizes the classic’s worth…

I’ve actually seen many people like the YYJ Classic.

not as much as me!!