The "What Inspired You" Thread

Post here how you got inspired to start yoyoing, and how long have you been.
Being accidently coming accros a web site or whatever your story is.

I got inspired by a recent trip I took to visit my family in NY. I was at my aunt’s house bored out of my mind playing with my little cousin’s Disney Princess yoyo. Then I remembered seeing something on the news of this guy that went around doing these cool tricks, but I dont really remember this I was like 8. So I googled “yoyo tricks” and found tricks page. I was like amazed watching the Eifel Tower video. Then I came across Buddhas Revenge video(it was last I though maybe that was the hardest or something). Well I was amazed and I said to myself Im going to do that someday.

Well yesterday I just perfected Bs Revenge and it inspired me to post this.

John Narum goes to my school.

End of story.

Throwing for about 8 months now.

A guy brought a Mosquito to school, everyone bought yoyos. Everyone yoyoed.

I got into it from them. Now, yoyos got banned from school, and no one really does it anymore. But I still do.

A long time ago there was this kid at my church named Adam Brewster. He got my oldest son into it and then a month later I started. Thats been over 5 years ago. Thats one reason he’s my favorite player.

I decided to see how far yoyoing had gone since the time I saw the yoyo guy in elementary school. After some research, I went onto youtube and found Ando’s Worlds 2008 freestyle. Then, I realized all the possibilities you could have with such a simple toy.

wow lucky you

Ummm…I bought an imperial at wal-mart? Nah jk :stuck_out_tongue:
My friend brought a fireball to school, other friend brought a X-brain, I was jealous so I bought a Power Brain XP and we were amazed because I could make it spin for 10 seconds. Then it died but after a year or so I bought a legacy and I started yoyoing again.

Alot of it for a long time was a friendly rivalry with my friend David. He got me into it a few days after he started, and he taught me stuff and I taught him and we progressed at the same rate. He stopped for awhile and still doesn’t play much. When I didn’t have him next to me, this is what got me going:

I went to Prague this summer. It was amazing yoyoing in the same spots as shown here.

Well, a few years ago a guy named Brent Dellinger came to our school. Some of you might have heard of him, some maybe not. He got 2nd at World in 2003 or something around there. Well he came to our school and did a whole show thing for a while. The next day I found the Brain I had and the day after a bunch of us had yoyos. Then we started getting better and I still remember getting a SFHG from the store. Then after the summer everybody stopped. Then in March (I think) of this year we had to do a demonstration speech for a class and I decided to do yoyoing and I’ve been with it ever since.

I brought a butterfly to school and my frind Jake showed me some stuff. Then, I googled New York yoyo store and found the YYN office which is in lower manhattan. I went to the office (which I thought was a store) and bought the Duncan Metal Zero.

I saw a commercial for FAST 201. I thought hey, those are some cool tricks, and got one. I learned all of the FAST trick book thing that it came with and found yomega. I then learned all of the trick book (the hardest thing being the atomic bomb) and eventually stopped. My friend (bonesraph) comes to my house one day with a catch 13 pulling off a whole bunch of cool tricks and I get back into yoyoing. He was also the one who showed me this site.

Well, I really just got inspired by a trick book I found at our local bookstore, back in 2007 or 2008(can’t remember). It came in a kit along with 2 imperial-shaped fixed axle yo-yos. I bought it, and started going through the trick book. It was harder than I thought, and I stopped when I couldn’t get into a trapeze. Discouraged, I shelved the book, and the yo-yos.

A few weeks later, Christmas comes along. My parents brought me to a Toys ‘r’ us to buy gifts for me, my sister, and a few neighbors. While I was looking around, my dad brought me a Speed Beetle. I took it and put it into our basket full of toys. That yo-yo revived my interest, and I took out my trick book again. I got through trapeze after a few days of practice. But there was a snag; the rest of the book had complicated instructions and very hard pictures to understand. Once again, I shelved the book, and the yo-yos.

Finally came early 2009. Spring was around the corner, so we were allowed to head outside again for recess. One of my friends brought in a Diabolo to play with. He taught me a few tricks, and I was impressed. Playing around with it made me feel like trying to yo-yo once more. So I got out the Speed Beetle and searched for yo-yo tricks on google. I think you guys can figure out what happened next.

Pretty long story, but it’s as short as I can make it. :stuck_out_tongue:

A guy came to my school like 8 years ago and I learned how to make it go up and down. ( I was in 2nd grade)

About a year and a half ago a FAST 201 was on sale at Walmart and I got it, learned most the tricks in the “FAST trick book” and stopped.

About a year ago I get another FAST 201 and sort of start playing again, then buy a Journey, learned the bind, 1 year later and here I am!

I went to Science Camp in 6th grade. There was a leader there whoyoyoed. I was amazed, and wanted to do that. When I got home, I tried to buy a Speed Beetle. They didn’t have them, so a wekk later, I finally got one. I didn’t do anything serious, but I did things like trapeze, and walk the dog.

A while later I picked up my Speed Beetle again, and learned harder tricks. Then, I got a Kickside. Been throwing every day since.

one of the guys I work with was selling some of his sons junk on ebay. He was taking pictures at work and I seen a yoyo. I was bored and said ill buy that. A Duncan Imperial. The rest is history.

my friend brought a fast 201 to my house and we played around with it some i was amazed with rock the then i got a journey and mastered the intermediat section on this site and then stopped.trying to do the matrix with a journey is then i stopped and about a month later my grandma gave me money for a dark magic thats when i got realy into it.then i went to worlds and bought a b-grade 888 and g5 and thats where i am now.

I got started back in the day when everyone else was throwing a Brain. Which was a while ago. Xp Then i stopped. Like dead. Didn’t throw for years. Then I saw yuuki’s 2007 routine from worlds. My jaw hit the floor. I asked for a throw monkey and started throwing. and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

My friend(yoyo13) found a yoyo and started using it. He found this site and told me about it. I have been throwing ever since.

When I was 4, I got a responsive butterfly shaped yoyo in which I would just throw down and pull back up. Then I moved to New York were I got a FAST 201 when K-mart was going out of business. I forgot about it after a while. Then on May 31st, my friend showed me Mickey’s 2005 AP Freestyle and I was hooked. Now since I’m actually learning tricks and I am actually at an age where I understand that there are more tricks, I am hooked and I plan to be forever!!! hahaha

Let’s see… one of the kid’s at my school got a yo-yo for his birthday, and he brought it to school. He learned simple tricks like Around the World, Cradle, and Walk the Dog. Then pretty soon everyone in my school had a yo-yo. I finallyy picked up a Duncan Imperial and a Duncan Butterfly, and started to yo-yo also.The number of people who yo-yoed has decreased rapidly in the next week. I was one that stayed with the yo-yo group, unlike certain people. I eventually upgraded to a Duncan Profire, and started learning tricks like Around the World, Walk the Dog, Cradle, Foward Pass, Patriot’s Flag, and Eiffel Tower. I then upgraded to a Dark Magic, which was my first “real” yo-yo. I went on to the intermediate level pretty fast after I got my DM. Then the group of yo-yoers was now like a group of 8 or so people. I have been addicted ever since… Today, the yo-yo group at my school is around 5 people, and we are the ones that know we are going to stick to yo-yoing for the rest of our lives, well… at least I will. So… yep, that’s my yo-yoing story.