The "What Inspired You" Thread


(YoYoBlaze) #22

My story goes back 7 years.(I sound old :)) My sister got a wooden fixed axle yoyo from a friend who was getting rid of stuff. My sister showed me trapeze but not while it was spinning. she just made it go from one end to the other. I loved watching my sister go up and down with the yoyo, so one night i grabbed and did the same thing. Lol. I made it go up and down like a hundred times in a row and I called myself a master. Then the string somehow ripped and the yoyo was forgotten. A year later a close friend of mine showed me a light up transaxle yoyo that he was gonna get rid of for his brother. I stoped him and asked for it. He showed me how to do a sleeper, and once again I was a Yoyo Master! Suddenly the yoyo stopped sleeping no matter what i did. I threw it away. 5 years later I go to a carnival and an optimum promotional give a way revived my master skills :D. they were giving away some cheap transaxles in the shape of loopers . I had 3 of these. I went on the computer to search for tricks. I found this site 1st. watching the “5 styles of yoyo play” video I was instantly hooked. I was imagining all the tricks I would be able to do. Day after day I would hopelessly try to land trapeze. all 3 of them broke. then i started looking at all the yoyo’s here at the site. I longed for the Velocity day after day. Couple days later we went to Wal-mart. My brother wanted to go to the toys section, and there it was: a Duncan Butterfly. I bought it and looked at all the tricks again. I thought to myself: I have to get a good sleeper 1st. After 2 days of hard throwing,the string kept ripping. Then I was thinking again: when is a good time to ask for the Velocity. My B-day was coming up!! So I go and send my father an e-mail. he was happy to hear from me and he was glad to buy it. on my birthday we went to six flags. when we came back the yoyo was already in the mail. now i’m saving up for a Dark Magic. Once again I am a yoyo master ;D
A long, and somewhat weird story, that sums up my Yoyoing Journey.


OK so one day my friend brought his Duncan Imperial to school near the end of the 5th grade school year this calendar year. And he let me try it, and I wanted to learn some tricks. So I persuaded him to trade it to me for my two packs of peanut butter crackers. So I brought it home that day and I started getting better. I could make it go up and down without grabbing it 31 times, which I thought was a lot back then. So, one fateful night, I accidentally left it on the sofa within my 11 month old dog, and she got it, and chewed it up. I was SO SAD. But I got my mom to take me to Wal-mart to buy another Imperial, but instead I ended up getting a Mosquito. The Mosquito was awesome to me! I learned around the world, and other beginner tricks. Then my friend who wasn’t even yoyoing found me this site, where I became interested in a Speedmaker. I eventually saved enough to get one, and I made it to intermediate. I’ve been progressing in tricks and yoyos ever since.

(Infinite Chaos) #24

For me, it came down to a passing fancy one day to look at an online yoyo store. That was about three years ago now and until last christmas, I was always interested in trying yoyoing out (with the help of YouTube of course, it kept the interest burning. lol :D). Then I got my first real yoyo, a Dif-e-yo Wide Sport, been throwing ever since. ;D


Well i went to yoyofreak21’s house and i was doing some random stuff and he was yoyoing with his DM.

he wanted me to try yoyoing so i did with his mosquito and i loved it and then i bought my Hitman 2 weeks later May 18 is when i started



well, one of my friends got a butterfly and a speed beetle for his birthday. Then a yoyo craze started, and I joined in. My Dad yoyoed when he was a kid and he got me going. We yoyoed together and I yoyoed at school. After summer everyone stopped. I kept going, and a couple of my friends still yoyo. I’ve been yoyoing for like 7 or 8 months. :slight_smile:

(Mitch) #27

Lets see… When I was about six or seven this guy came to my school… He did all these awesome tricks… Mostly tricks like the ones in the beginner section of this site… And then after like half an hour of yoyoing he had all these yoyos for sale… I didn’t have any money so I was all bummed out and told my mom when I got home and she went out and bought me a brain or somthing like that and my brother showed me tricks like rock the baby, around the world and loop-the-loop…

When I was like twelve the F.A.S.T. 201 commercials were all over the place and I bought one of those… (I opened my fast 201 and it says Hasbro 2004 :l ) Well it got tossed in my random junk bucket…

about 6-7 months ago I was youtubing and in the “Videos Being Watch Right Now” section was one call “Yoyo God”  Have you guys seen it?

Mickeys 05 freestyle… Im like sweet… I have a yoyo! I dug out my F.A.S.T 201 and started going… I found this site searching for tuts and eventualy joined the Forum’s because I had a question…


oh my story is actually fairly boring but I will make y’all suffer through it. August 1st I bought a yoyo from walmart (my Infamous Mosquito) and yoyo’ed around with it. I was searching everything for some tricks but all I could find were tricks that were popular back in 96-99 lol. I use to yoyo back then but I hated the transaxle yoyos. Didn’t know there were ball bearing yoyos.

Back to my story I found this website first and pretty much just stuck to Andre’s teachings and I told myself that I would try my best to be the best. I also love teaching people, specially about weird wacky toys/things. I teach people how to solve rubik’s cubes, juggle, whatever I know that they wanna know. SO I figured this would be a great add on. I loved watching people yoyo years ago and now i wanna be one of those guys. I already get small compliments about my yoyo-ness.

Then August 7 my yoyo string broke and I’m a college student paying for everything and trying to find a job so I don’t really have the money to spend on anything too great. I’ll be hopefully getting a Dm here soon because of a 100 dolla gift card from my bank woot!. I’m buying a sparkling blue DM, Thin lube, and 100 blue poly strings. yes i’m getting that instead of food. lol… But i’ve been obsessing over it.

But Hopefully people will find me helpful or entertaining. lol. i"ll post more when i get the experience of “new” yoyo life.


My yoyo adventure stared back in late 97- early 98, you know when proyo II and yomegas were big. And i would compete and had a fairly nice collection (between 15 and 20), it was an everyday thing for me, then the dreadful moving day came and lost about half of them. so then would only occassionally throw. moved again and lost the rest. between '00 and june of last year te interest nd desire stayed and grew but i never did anything abut it. finally i bought an xyo xcalibur and threw for about a month but then stopped cause alot was going on. but then end of may to beginning of july of this year i had bought a DM and been throwing everyday since then.

(Gorrilla_YO) #30

it all started with a SuperYo renegade…from then on, non-stop throwing

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Wow, It’s amazing how different everone’s journey began, but how similar they all ended:
“Been Throwing ever-since!!!”
Great Ending to a great beginning.


i was at my aunts christmas party and got a really bad yomega woofer (mcdonalds toy :stuck_out_tongue: ) and kinda learned some tricks but stopperd a few weeks later. then around december the next year i decided i wanted one for X-mas and got a throw monkey from my other aunt and uncle, the rest is andre… hes also one of my idols


My step dad yoyoed. I got better than him and quite. I continued, end of story. lol


I was inspired by a friend. He had a speed dial and could do trapeze and eiffel tower. I bought a brain and started to look for tricks. Eventually I found this place. He and I now yoyo together and are about the same level.


I visited Bird in Hand.

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What about me? I got you back too, didn’t I?


i have a friend who goes to the same school as i and he brought a duncan butterfly to school. i tried it and it was the first time that i ever threw a yoyo. and being me i wanted to be better than him. i went down to my grocery store and found a butterfly. i practiced my throw and 1.5 second sleeper. the next day my friend had learned how to do the flag and so i learned it then i looked up some stuff on youtube and saw some of andre’s tutorials like white buddha and and whut so i researched “buy yoyos” and found “” i didnt put much thought into it and bout a Yomega Metallic Missile it was a pretty bad yoyo, the best trick that i could do was trapeze, i found out about it on youtube. about three weeks later i found out that andre used a Dm so i researched it and got one. then about 1 month later i discovered this website. me and my friend have been competing to be better than the other ever since.

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I saw Samad at school. xD


I got confused and though what did i do? but then realized you were talking about andre boulay lol :facepalm:

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lol nice