Your inspiration?

Who inspired you to start yoyoing?

Or if no one did, then what yoyo did you buy that made you want to continue?

For me it would be my friend Jack. He taught me basic tricks like around the world and rock the baby.

The yoyo was a Duncan freehand 2… even though I now pick it up and go " what a piece of junk" it was still pretty good…

Let’s hear your stories!

FH2s are the best yoyos ever…almost. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoyo boom started at my school, you get the idea.


whatever floats your boat dude… It’s not my least favorite but… It just doesn’t do it for me.

Some yoyo guy in 1st grade… coolest dude ever. I think he was with superyo. Anyway, he was my inspiration.

i came across a video of jayyo but i only had my imperial so i went and bought a butterfly and the rest is history


Hiroyuki Suzuki & Ryosuke Iwasawa


Hitman, M1, Dv888 & Frantic.

(If you buy these kinds of Yo-yo’s here in my country, They’ll Shock of the price, Because It is so expensive for them to invest these kinds of price for a Yo-yo. :D)

I will entertain this query.

My inspiration was Adam Brewster and my son.

Story goes like this.

WE started going to a Church in Oklahoma City. We were there for a few years and then this guy started going there. His name is Adam Brewster. My son became infatuated with yoyoing and Adam. He followed him all over the place. They became good friends and then Adam gave him a Spintastics Eclipse. It was over that day. My son would never turn back.

Well my son and I don’t really get along. We are too much alike and we clash. It happens.
I saw an opportunity to get closer to my son and I took the challenge. Next thing you know Adam gave me an Element X Recess Remix for my birthday. I was like WOW! It was one of the ones he got from Dave Buzan when he was sponsored by them. I cherished it. Then my son got better and started teaching me. Connection with my son commenced. Its been up hill ever since. (for the most part)

I have a HUGE place in my heart for Adam Brewster. He is like my son too!

The Dude that inspired me the most was Shinji Saito!!!
And this video inspired me too:

Dazzling Dave. He came to my school. I don’t like him, really, but I think that’s what inspired me. I just kinda thought, “I must be better than this infantile dullard!” ;D And here I am.

Tommy “The Yo-Yo Man” Smothers. That what made me want to yo-yo.
Steve Brown made me want to continue.

Hiroyuki Suzuki’s Asia Pacific 2007 freestyle. I can’t find it anywhere on youtube so I am thinking it is actually this.

Also, Andre Boulay for creating these awesome tutorials!

Long time ago i won a yomega megabrain in a mcdonald’s promotion and i started then. Then I found Andre’s videos and they got me back into them, and i got an Aerobie Aerospin yoyo (big mistake), and then a dark magic. I’m not looking into getting a YYF metal yoyo of somekind…probly the 888 or DNA :slight_smile: