Who is your main inspiration?

Who is your main inspiration? Please don’t forget to tell how you knew them.

Thanks! ;D

My main inspiration is Gentry Stein. One day, I was browsing around yoyo related stuff. Then, I saw Samad Patel’s formspring account. Not to mention, Samad Patel is also one of my inspirations. A person asked him there, “What videos have you been watching recently?” Samad gave three links. One was Graeme Steller’s “Zen”, the second one…. I forgot, and the third one… was Gentry Stein’s California States 2010 Freestyle. The first thing I noticed was his name. “Gentry” is probably one of the coolest names ever. :smiley: So I clicked the play button, and I watched the video. I loved his style. His style was insane. I said to myself, I have to meet this guy. I really have to. It’s a must. I hoped Gentry to go to BAC. BAC!!! It was a great day, a lot of players around, and it was awesome. I saw a guy with a blonde hair, really tall, and had a deep voice. Gosh. It’s Gentry. “Hey! Aren’t you Gentry Stein?” “Yeah! Sup bro.” I talked to him for a few moments, he was really nice. Probably one of the nicest person I ever knew. Next thing I knew, he was the same age as me. Heck, I thought he was a Senior. He was also nice enough to teach me a trick. And from there, he has been my main inspiration.

My main inspiration is Elephark ;D
Awesome guy great teacher and he has some cool clothes
hes taught me a few tricks like some of his jade whip comboes

Andre at first when I found him on expert village now it’s yukki and John ando

Obviously guys like Jensen Kimmit, Guy Wright, Tyler Severance and John Ando play a huge role in inspiration…

I think I get the most inspiration when I watch un-sponsored players who are just yoyoing for the pure fun of it and totally rock… I think that keeps me motivated the most.

Like everyone else, I always watch Guy Wright for inspiration.
But mostly now, I’ve been turning to Sam Lopez and Takahiro Iizuka.

not to be brown nosing but mine is definitely Andre. Then jensen kimmit is 2nd. and jensen was 2nd before he won the worlds so its not like im just liking him cause he won

Ash Ketchum fosho.

Grant Johnson and John Chow with a little of Jensen Kimmit.


Guy Wright. I like his style because he doesn’t need to go fast like a lot of other players are doing. He is dead smooth and seeing him just makes me want to be that good. Same with Jensen Kimmit, his worlds freestyle was flawless.

Paul Han.
He got swag.

Randy Jansen. He’s got mad skillz and his mom makes awesome food.

Guy Wright: smooth and original

John Chow: also smooth and original

Tane: does every style and seems to be incredible at all of it

Josh Yee: similar story to Tane

Zammy: pioneer in Moebius

John Ando: another smooth and original player

ed haponik really helped me to develop a style of my own. a style of simplicity and tying tricks together. i thank him for that.

Inspiration to keep yoyoing? Then Josh Yee, Luo Yi Cheng (sp?), Janos Maranc, and Ryota Ogi Every time I watch one of them, I immediately want to pick up a yoyo and just go throw.

Inspiration for my style- I try to have my own style, I know I have someones style inspiring me somewhere, but I don’t really know who. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mickey and the famous Andre Boulay

My inspiration isnt anyone but the people that dont yoyo,I like to amaze them,awe them, and most importantly pass the sport of yoyoing on.When i see someone on the street who seems to be in a bad mood or angry or just for the fun on it ill whip out a yoyo and show them how cool a yoyo is.So for all of you guys out there that get inspiration from other people i would just suggest to try out what i do.Its fun.

I have to say that Takahiro Lizuka is probably the best 1A player in the world.
His style is virtually impressive, his tricks flow like water in the river, and his picture tricks are phenomenal. I have to say that he’s my second main inpiration.

I don’t care if Gentry is moving to YoYoFactory, he’s still gonna be my main inspirations. ;D

Gentry FTW.

Third is Samad. :smiley:

A friend of mine (now)- he keeps on pushing me to learn, even though I don’t have time usually (idk if he has an account).

but otherwise it was Jensen Kimmitt when I started yoyoing. Just insane, look at him now-
then Yuuki, Paul Han, Mickey, Lim Aik Whee, Anthony Rojas, Tyler Severance, Guy Wright, Mark Montgomery, etc.

but just the tricks are inspiring enough.

I’ve been inspired/influenced by so many yoyoers in so many different ways and at different times that trying to make a list would end up with me forgetting half the people who belong on it, and then feeling bad about it.


To this day I will always give Tom Smothers prop’s. He was the reason why I picked up a yoyo in the first place.