Where do you draw your inspiration from?


As I am sitting here at dialysis, I am typing this with one hand lol. As my other hand can’t move for three hours as it would risk the needles moving in my arm. but that’s besides the point. I was thinking to myself, what players give me inspiration. What makes them become an inspiration and one day, will I be able to inspire others? So below are a few people who inspire me to yoyo.

1: Gentry Stein- ( I know, it sounds cliche) His style and choreography are amazing and He has great stage presence. (One day I hope to achieve that.)

2: Tessa Piccillo- She is an amazing thrower and her tricks are very creative and stylish. I always find watching her videos enjoyable and it makes me want to learn her tricks even though i can’t pull them off.

3: Gambit (Scott Watters)- This guy is amazing. His Style, his flow, and just everything he does is mind blowing to me. The way he took his time to create his own unique and very creative style is an inspiration in itself. I hope to meet him one day. He is just an all around amazing guy.

Who gives you inspiration, and why?

I apologize if there is a thread already like this. I tried finding them in the search but didn’t really have any luck. If you can point me in that direction of the other thread, than I have no problem with the admins locking or deleting my thread.

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With the first two I would have to agree, just switch the order haha. Besides them I would say

3.Evan Nagao, his style is great but most of all his stage presence and the way he makes things look absolutely amazing are great.

4.Matous Tomes, not so much for inspiration he is just one of my favorites to watch

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As far as yoyo tricks and style:

James Reed
Charles Haycock


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Zach Gormley
Eric R
Adrian Velez
Just any tech based player.


Gentry Stein!!!


really anyone who can teach me something new or make me want to learn. pretty much i have been inspired by every video i have seen thus far. especially since i only been throwing about 3 weeks.


I don’t have a particular favorite player but a few notable people I’ve “borrowed” elements from were Yuuki Spencer, and even Gambit. I typically get my inspiration from watching yoyo tutorials (especially the CLYW Cabin tutorials, particularly ones that involve Yuuki) or watching different competition videos from a variety of players.


Oh there are so many.
James Reed has really Got a cool style.
Anthony Rojas is great too. Love his body tricks.
Gambits got some really cool flow. Wouldn’t say I get inspiration from him but I definitely aspire to have flow like him.
Ryosuke Iwasawa for whips and slack.
Many more that I haven’t listed as well.

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Comparison is the thief of joy…

With that in mind, while I do have players I like to watch, I do not try to emulate any of them. My inspiration comes from the love of the flow arts. The feeling of doing something with effortless action. The smoothness that comes from the mastery of an element. The feeling of blowing other’s minds and reminding them that “toys” are still cool.

Those who do not compete, do not meet competition. I play around others, not against them. :slight_smile:

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Well said!

Also I forgot to mention earlier I don’t try to learn any of his ticks but love to watch him is Connor Seals.


Eric R?, I didn’t think anyone else knew about him. He is defiantly one of my favorites.


For me, there are players that inspire my in 2 ways; trick construction and non trick construction( couldn’t come up with a better word for it :D)

In terms of trick construction: (those who influence my style)
. Kieran Cooper- love his different and unique ways of slacks and tech.
. Gabriel Szalay- Very technical tricks and mounts with flow that I love.
. Michael Kurti- Love his sort of “specialty” tricks that are really nice to watch.
. Daniel Flaherty- Amazingly dense 1A style, with really creative mounts.
. Andrew Bergen- Astonishing style; whips, slack, tension tricks, and etc.
. Toru Miyazaki- A very flowy and technical play style.

In terms of Non- trick construction: ( those who just plain inspire me to throw)
Gentry stein- Love his many views onto the modern yo-yoing scene.
Michael Kurti- Love his different outlook onto yo-yoing and the purpose of it.
Paul Dang- inspires me to keep play.
Yoshi Mikamoto- A very great friend of mine, who pushes me to love the hobby.

           P.S. I met all of these players before, which makes it all the more better ;D ;D


I love just watching videos of all the amazing players out there. I’m not sure how inspiring it is, because so much of it is so out of my reach! A few of my favorites are, Paul Kerbel, Janos Karancz, Ed Haponik, and Drew Tetz.

I have to say Andre Boulay, has been a huge influence lately with the instructional videos. I think from there, I’m going to start trying some of those Cabin Tutorials. I’ve learned a bunch from Ed’s Fixed axle tutorials here.


The people who inspire me in the yoyo world isn’t purely based on tricks but also the kind of person that they are.

Tyler Severance- He travels around to different schools and yoyo clubs to teach kids how to yoyo. Most of the firstbases from the first run were given out to kids. Keep it up dude you are a great human being!

Ed Haponik-When I first saw the play simple video he talked about being a father, an ageing skater and a yoyo play. I thought to myself that pretty much described me in a small nut shell. His layed back attitude towards yoyoing is were it’s at. To throw tricks that are more self gratifying to himself than they are to watch(I think this is how he would put it). Witch is crazy because every thing he puts out there is amazing.

Don’t get me wrong , I love seeing all these other guys throw crazy bangers. But most of my yoyoing is relaxing chill time. I don’t put much thought into trying to do it like a certain player or focus on a certain style. I just try to enjoy the time I have and try to slowly progress.


Guy Wright, his style is so smooth and relaxed. Any trick he does looks effortless.


I agree with the previous posts. In addition…

It’s a bit old school but I like Augie Fash’s stuff where he’s goofing off and dancing around with the yoyo.
To me this hobby is all about having fun. (The SLUSNY Just Friday videos are cool as well)

I like several of Paul Kerbal’s signature tricks. (P.A.O.B.R.S. and the thing he does with his hat in competition) Element’s that leave me stunned thinking, I never knew a yoyo could be used like that…

Believe it or not, because the pro’s stuff is so far out of my reach… Most of my inspiration is from the amateur videos in this forum. I can slow those down and learn many of those tricks.

Great topic Colby! I hope the dialysis goes well.


Agree with this one here, I get inspiration from various trickcircles posted on IG. I recently found out I can “rip” Instagram clips on my computer so I can then slow it down and mimic what I see.


Gambit for sure. I love his style. I used to watch " Gambit Garden" all the time. Unfortunately it seems he has taken his channel down :frowning: I used show my friends that video and it completely blew their minds. I have stated many times that it is the most beautiful yoyo video I have ever seen. I really loved that video. It inspired me to do better.

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Trees, birds, and nice sunsets.