Who inspires you the most


You inspires you the most?
For me it probably is Brandon Vu and Gentry Stein

(Erik Kerber ) #2

Zach Gustafson and Adrian Velez

(major_seventh) #3

Zach Gormley

(velez_adrian) #4

gracias (thank you in Spanish). Let’s see, myself. Jk ok Zach Gustafson, spencer walker, Owen ekblad, Shane lubecker, shakeem Anderson, Noah Conkling, Eric tranton, and finally Robbie graham


Jensen Kimmit, Philip White, Jeon Ji Hwan.


Jacob gross,jenson kimmit, dan salagean,Andre boulay,Tony North,Anne connolly,Shinya Kido,Vashek Kroutil,Zach gormley,Steve brown.Joey Serrano,Zammy ickler for sure.

But top three is def Jake,Jenson and Anne


hajime miura


Brandon vu, and gentry stein for sure.


Jensen Kimmit such style

(rizkiyoist) #10

Yuuki Spencer, Ed Haponik.


Jenson Jimmie and Paul kerbel showing that 1a still has Amazing potential


Sorry kimmel not Jimmie (autocorrect)


it’s kimmitt :smiley:

(Jerrod) #14



Jensen Kimmitt’s 2011 worlds performance was pure emotion. Every time I watch it I just get this vibe of complete focus and passion. So yeah, Jensen is a pretty huge inspiration. Paul Dang is a very underrated player, and his stuff is pretty creative and he has some great concepts. And of course Zach, because his combos are always cutting edge innovation.


Jensen Kimmitt, Paul Dang, Charles Haycock


…On some real shyt, Ive liked Something from Everyone Ive seen in Championship vids, tutorials, ect… Everyone In yoyorecreation, Everyone from CLYW, everyone from sOmething, and others I don’t even know the names to… At the end of the Day they all inspire me Equally. Its an Amazing thing…!

But Mainly… Tatsuya Fujisaka…


Definitely everyone I know through Airtraffic, (in no particular order) Erik Kerber, Adrian Velez, Graham Bull, Kris Johnson, Henry Larson, Jerfrey Sparks, Jacob Gustafson. (I may have forgot somebody) Other than that John Narum, Zach Gormley, Grant Johnson, Andrew Maider, Drew Mrowiec and many others.
Edit: Thanks Adrian I knew I was forgetting somebody.

(velez_adrian) #19

you forgot jacobe


A lot of my tricks are inspired by Jensen kimmitt, I would say my style is based off his 2011 worlds freestyle.