Who is your main inspiration?

annd JonRob-Even more swag

Gentry Stein = The Swaggest.

augie fash and zach smith

Bryan figueroa and Sebby

some guy

Please tell us about him.

Anyone new.

My inspiration is neither a pro or any other yo-yoer. My inspiration are my friends. Each of them has a very special talent and personality and gets me thinking that I should make a trick and name it after them in some way. The trick will either be related to their abilities or maybe just based on who they are. A person with a complicated personality? I might be inspired to make a long, risky combo and tell them that this is their trick.

I love my life.

Do, it has been Augie all the way. He may not get all the credit he deserves but he is a top player.

  1. Guy Wright

  2. Augie Fash

Fosho man. When I first met Augie, he shook my hand like, 2 minutes straight. He was awesome.

Also one of my inspirations.

I think I have like Kabalovotihalogozillion inspirations right now…

So I have to say, that those really nice and kind players are my inpirations. No matter how good they are at yoyoing. ;D

Takeshi matsurra cos hes really young and heaps good and jensen kimit cos of his style.

One day I was looking up gyroscopes :stuck_out_tongue: and I saw Andre’s Gyroscopic Flop tutorial. He was my idol until I found out I hadn’t even scratched the surface of what yoyoing is. My main inspiration now would probably be Guy Wright and Jensen Kimmit.

James Reed. Honestly, he’s really good at yoyoing for his age and his tricks are fast and flawless. Usually. :wink:

Jensen Kimmit.

John Chow. Such a unique style of yoyoing.

Jensen Kimmit.
Some of Danny Severance’s stuff has been inspiring me lately.

Tyler Severance.

The last 3 player’s main videos that inspired me were the Studio Sessions.

JENSEN KIMMITT!!! (not bc he won) but also bc that was an amazing freestyle

yuuki was 1st, ando was 2nd inspiration


he started my yo-yo career.


Tyler Severance. I saw him at the CA States, saw him perform, and WOW!!! So I watched the original Severe 1A Promo Video, and started watching him from there, and now here I am.