How did you get into yoyoing?


I was looking up gyroscopes (yeah, I know) and came across Andre’s gyroscopic flop tutorial on Youtube and I thought it was so awesome, so I got my first yoyo, my Yoyojam Journey! How did YOU get into yoyoing?

(SR) #2

YoYo Boom at School.


Finding my old Yomega Fireball whilst cleaning behind my dresser.
Cleaning does have some benefits, lol!


Watching Tom Smothers as YoYo Man on The Smothers Brothers Show.



it was summer and I just found my sister’s old yoyo, so I threw it down and it broke beyond repair. I was disappointed so for Christmas I asked for a yoyo, and its been going of ever since.



I was watching an episode of iCarly and Spencer was just throwing a yoyo up and down and was mesmerized by it and for Christmas I got a Dragonfly.


yoyo boom at school


My most recent start was I had a 2 Hour lay over in the Denver Airport, and I remembered throwing a yomega brain in my grade school days so I got a yugioh clutch yoyo, and a butterfly. Next week a fast 201 then when I broke my string in about a minute I bought a 50 pack off of a not yoyoexpert site, and I bought a redline, and after that it just spiraled out of control.



Was bored and looked up “hobbies” on the internet. Found, and was hooked


my friend from school was doing it so i got my own yoyo and started too.

(DanielBG) #12

My friends showed me and i liked it!

the first yoyo i tried was PGM v1


saw some vids online, asked for one for christmas

(GO YYJ) #14

i bought a boomerang yoyo by ned and then bought a cosmic spin moddfied threw my first sleeper this story is almost like kim lan


there was a yoyo class at summer camp ^.^. last year i started a yoyo boom at school ;D


Well, I started 10 years ago when McDonalds was giving out yomegas (fireballs, x-brains, and a powerbrain). I lost them all, then found them last year. Then, my friend convinced me into going into trick yoyos. He let me use his legacy, then I was hooked, he is a great friend. He got me in. You guys know him Death here on the forums.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #17

Cameron saw Samad yoyo at school.
Then Cameron showed me.
Then i asked samad 10 times a day how to mod my fast 201.


I was at Vovinam practice and i took out an X-Brain Wing and played with it. One of the instructors came over and i was like… oh shizniddles. But he showed me how to sleep it. Didnt get a kickside until 3 months later… i was at advanced level tricks with my brain. O_O


i got a yoyo butterfly at camp and learned sleeper and walk the dog and have been yoyoing ever since.


Advanced witha BRAIN… (O.o) Ahhhh theres the eye twitch AHHHH