The Weight. A combo by me.



Your too good! Could you ehlp me a bit? Ive had a little bit of trouble lately on creating good combos, Where do you start? Do you make up your mounts? What after that?

Thanks a lot:) & Well when you make up your own combos you can use other mounts and create new ways to link them together or yes it is possible to create your own mount but its not the easiest thing to do. Do not be afraid to get knots because that is what creating tricks and combos is all about. You’re going to get tons of knots. Just be creative and try your best. I hope I could help. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Thats helpful, incorporating slacks in is very hard also. Ill have to work on that too.

Glad:) & yeah but if you can work on getting slacks in your tricks that’s great, it really makes any combo look awesome lol. Also, a nice fancy bind at the end wraps any combo up nicely.