The V vs. Raptor


Hey which do you think is better The V or Raptor and why?


The Raptor is kinda bland in appearance, but it doesn’t matter because it performs good. Well, it performed good when I swapped out the bearing. The stock bearing was full of grease. This is a common problem in the Raptor, but it’s also hit and miss, as some people have this issue, some don’t. The rims are kinda hard since they aren’t rounded. The caps can come out to alter the weight. Mine has 2012 Nationals caps(which I wanted) and included the regular clear caps as well in the package.

I feel that despite more money, and going with the assumption that “more money = higher quality”, well I do think that rings true here with the V. Do be aware that due to my preferences, the shape of the V fits my preferences better. It’s V-shaped with that bump at the rims. Due to it being made from Delrin, it’s a great grinder. The caps give the yoyo a hollow feel but it’s not distracting. It’s got amazing feel, play and performance.

So, it’s really up to you. I really wanted a Raptor and I’m not disappointed. The V also meets and exceeds expectations.

My preferences: V. But as far as a killer “budget” metal: Duncan Raptor really kicks butt and doesn’t feel budget.


I’m getting The V for Christmas and my brother has The Raptor.


For Christmas I’m getting The V, a Counter Attack, and a Fiesta XX


And accessories.