Help!2 yoyo's flying around in my head

Ok here it is again. A yoyo1 vs yoyo2 thread. Some people may hate this but this is what this section of the forum is for. So here we go and please don’t put hate comments :DVery Much Appreciated:

It’s the mercury and raptor. Mercury, 10 ball kk great smooth and flies around fast. Great Grinder, SO CALLED better than some high end metals OR SO CALLED better than dv888
Raptor, A cheap metal yoyo, semi-responsive (can be changed), “intermediate-advanced” (I am not sure please input) So called very smooth and better than a CLYW Avalanche?

hey I think the mercury just have 10 bal kk to make up it’s vibe (or at keast what I see in the video) and the raptor is good. the bearing needs to be change I think with 10balls or I pick the Raptor but it will cost more because you need to buy a new bearing too.

wait, can’t you just clean the bearing? why change?

bumpity bump pleas ehelp

I don’t know but just to be safe buy a bearing

This is radically incorrect.
There’s no need to buy a new bearing for the Raptor. The one it has is fine, and can be cleaned to achieve full unresponsiveness.

ohh thank you, it has been moving in my head on responsivness, thanks.