how does the raptor compare to other metals?


Okay okay, I know the raptor is a really really good yoyo, but, compare it to some high end metals, like dont say it’s good for the price, I want to know if I should buy one of these and not buy another yoyo for like 3 months, or just buy a yo in like 2 months thats higher quality if you now what I mean…


I feel that the Raptor plays as well as many yoyos in the $80 range. It certainly is not the absolute best out there, but it’s still great. I do find it to be more of a “fun” yoyo than competition, but then again Tomàs Bubak won EYYC 2011 with it.


I love mine it’s great much better than like… A 54.


You can still answer to my first question, but what bearing goes best with the raptor? Cuz it looks nice…:wink:


I usually use a center-trac or flat bearing in mine, the center-trac seems to add some stability. However, it’s all preference.