Bearing for raptor.

what is a good bearing for a raptor, like a center trac or kongave any suddestions.

The bearing you have should be fine but if you need a new one you can go with a center trac or concave if you want to try something new but I find my cent trac to be about the same as my spec. They are quite over hyped.

Any C sized bearing will be fine in your Raptor. KKs and Center Tracs don’t really offer that much in the way f making the yoyo “better”. Just buy a flat bearing.

KK’s or CT’s don’t make much difference. They do keep string from the side of the yoyo, but doesn’t affect play a lot.

The bearing that comes with the Raptor is a steel bearing, not stainless. It may rust more easily
when cleaning the bearing but I think it’s fine if correctly done. I prefer swapping it with other bearings in my other yoyo’s.

You really don’t need a new bearing, but unless you need to, AIGR or 10 balls are great.

I put a yyj speed bearing in it plays so much better