raptor vs northstar

which one is better for a newer yo yoer it will be my first real yo yo.

You started a thread yesterday about the same thing, and said you will be getting the Raptor, so just get it.

Seriously, if you’re going to buy a yoyo, buy it. Don’t post 40 topics about each and every one you’re considering, which bearing to use, what color to get, etc. It just makes people annoyed.

I realize this forum is supposed to help people choose a good throw, but after a certain point you need to make a decision yourself.

go spam up yyn :slight_smile:

stop posting “WHUT JOJO DOO AI GETZ???” than, after we say “get X” you start another thread saying “IZ DIZ JOJO ENY G00DZ??” it makes us wanna go “-_-”

if you MUST ask, spam yyn. thanks

Don’t spam any forum…period!

…and get the Raptor :smiley:

No need to make so many copies of the same topic. Raptor all the way because the price range you’re inferring us, Raptor is the best buy.

well sorry i dont have the money to buy many yo yos and if i get it wrong i wont get one for a year excuse me.

You won’t get it wrong, we gave you the best recomendation we could on the other thread.

I don’t have a lot of money either, but in today’s market, you won’t be buying many crappy yoyos, just pick something that looks appealing and buy it, chances are you’ll like it.

By “real” yoyo,do you mean unresponsive? if you are getting an unresponsive, then i would get a raptor, but if this will be your first yoyo, then i suggest getting some duncan lubricant and some thin lube too,

I get a yoyo every few years.

Yeah I feel you dude. I had to learn double or nothing and Buddha’s revenge on a Duncan imperial. Later I moved to the U.S. and had the chance to go to a yo-yo contest. It was so cool I tried competing in a free style and was O.K. I guess but kind of messed up from stage fright. Afterwards though this kid came up to me and recommended a yo-yo for; It was the dark magic. I loved it because it was responsive and I was able to get a ten minute sleeper. but anyways feel lucky to be getting a yoy-o at all.