Duncan Raptor Review


This is my review, and subscribe.


great review ;D thanks!


In you info to the left…it’s Ladder Escape

The Raptor does not come with a SPEC bearing…YYF uses SPEC bearings.

The CafeRacer does not follow suit to the Raptor by using flat hubs…the axle does go through on each side.

CLYW is a Canadian based company.

Just some constructive criticism…I really must apologize for sharpshooting you.

I honestly enjoyed your review. It wasn’t too long and it checked all the boxes. I was really impressed by your comparison between the Canvas and the Raptor…that is some great insight I had not considered before now. I recently sold my raptor…after watching your review I plan on making it my very next purchase.

Oh one more thing.

You kept saying that the Raptor is “heavily rim weighted”. I’ll have to respectfully disagree. A V shaped yoyo like the Metro or Echo would be heavily rim weighted. More organic shapes (Like the Raptor) have a more even weight distribution.

You should have mentioned the differences in play feel / style when caps where installed and when they were left off.

I noticed a huge change in feel.

Also…the rims can hurt on a hard return…something you should have mentioned.

Otherwise a great review.

Make more dude. I want to hear your thoughts on the CafeRacer. Honestly OneDrop has not impressed me with any of their yoyo’s…I find them incredibly dull. Just my opinion. I have yet to find someone who shares the same feelings.

They make awesome yoyo’s…but they are in no way exciting.


do you recommend it for a beginner?


Absolutely not.

Not trying to sound harsh but…it’s not beginner friendly.

In my opinion, it is best to begin by learning responsive first. Than graduate to unresponsive when you have the basics down. Go grab a cheap responsive throw…and if you want…the Raptor in conjunction with it.

the Raptor is a fantastic yoyo for any player of skill (Intermediate and up).


I agree. The Raptor with the good bearing is an amazing throw to me. I also feel this how others feel. My Raptor is highly unresponsive, and I would not recomend it for a beginner. However, if one is able to do some intermediate tricks, and is able to do bind returns relativily well, ( to me doing some intermediate tricks and being able to do bind returns is beginnerish to me) I would look into the Raptor. If you say your a beginner, and if you really want the Raptor. I would say get it and keep the stock bearing. With the stock bearing it is a whole more responsive than the 10 ball or Konkave.



Again thanks for the review.

Essentially, you could purchase a half spec bearing to make it responsive. This can be said for any unresponsive yoyo though.

You could also thick look the bearing and put in O rings into the empty sili recess. So you do have options.